Top Ten Greatest DotA Heroes

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101 Clinkz

Really helpful during skeleton run

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102 Ikan Keli, the Stinky Swimmer
103 TiTi The Great

I love him.. He is definitely different than the other heroes,

104 Batrider

He is the best 1st firefly and then SS and when the lasso came of flamebreak and then chase them if the flamebreak is ready splash it at the enemy and then KKAABBOOMM! FIRST BLOOD

105 Broderick, the Hydromancer

Items for this hero is manta and blademail strongest hero of all the ancients...

106 Goblin Techies

Nobody can kill a 5 hero army with just 20 mines and 5 bombs

I've Lost The Game every time this Crap Hero Faces Me
Actually I Hate Him, But I Have To Vote Him...
Please Delete This Hero From Dota :|
God...This Drives Me Crazy

107 Mother, The Mother
108 Syaz Alexandria, the Master of the Trick

Wow, this hero is super duper awesome.. No hero can kill SA. With his first skill you are done, first blood.! Even rampage in level 8.!

109 Eredar, The Shadow Demon

Eredar can kill most heroes that have high damage because of his disruption skill, and he can amplify the illusions damage to the hero and apply his last skill which slows the target hero or use a dagon for an alternate kill.

He is awesome he can sneak up on a hero through the bushes and completely destroy the target.

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110 Bane Elemental

The strongest of them all, no can beat artropos when all it's skills are max.

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111 Anastacio, Rovince Matthew
112 Gusti, The Ganteng
113 Mangix, the Brewmaster
114 Moises the Kutsilyo

Are you destroying my name I hate the top tens wrong details

115 Edge Walker
116 Aldretch, Abnormal
117 Hansel, The Witch Hunter
118 Rooftrellen, the Treant Protector

1: High attack and health make him a bulldozer
2: Skills that can support your team easily.
3: Leech seed+living armor=happy team

119 Kunkka, the Admiral

One of the most greatest Assist heroes you never known! This guy will push you till death. Better in targeting enemies will decides as a winner. This heroes also good in Farming by using Battle Fury and Buriza. Hard to Play but Worth it!

120 Dragonus, the Skywrath Mage V 1 Comment
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