Greatest Dragon Age 2 Characters

A list of the best characters in Dragon Age 2. Not just companions, although I've used them all.

The Top Ten

1 Varric Tethras

Always exagerating and always funny.
Varric is great to be around and has the best on liners in the game.
I wish he'd tell us how Bianca got her name.

2 Isabela

I agree completely. Her interactions with Merrill are absolutely adorable toward the end of the game. - RizaLovato

When she left I was :(
Then she came back :)
Isabela was always one of my favourite characters, even becoming a 'big sister' for Merrill.
Surprisingly kind.

3 Hawke

Hawke is just amazing, specially if you play him using the comical options. He has some punchlines that made me laugh a lot. Plus, he is a damn adventurer, not a real heroe, who just looks for his family survival in some harsh times. Makes the character much more humble that most epic heroes youll find in other rpgs.

Create some cunning looking hawke and enjoy his faces when he trolls villains and squad members. I loved those funny "youve been trolled" looks he gives.

Some of the best lines come from playing as this personality.
Easily the best, and funniest, to play as.

4 Fenris

Broody but, oddly, funny.
He can become a friend, even if you're a mage.
An involving line of quests and the ability to reach into people.
Just a great character all around/

5 Merrill

With her large eyes and cute accent, Merrill is amazing.
She has a child-like innocence and is very funny, especially when she doesn't understand something.
Whenever I see her in-game I just want to protect her, no matter what.
Her side quest is so deep and involving, I felt so sad for her.

Truly the best character in Dragon Age 2, bar none.

6 Anders

Anders is bests

Very melodramatic but a well-played character in my opinion.
When he destroyed the chantry I was like "Whoa... I can't believe he just did that. "

7 Leandra Amell

Ok, so I ran out of awesome characters...
She is Hawke's mother.

8 Carver Hawke
9 Bethany Hawke

Much better than Carver.
I was so annoyed when she joined the circle.

10 Aveline Vallen

Her attempt at dating is hilarious!
"Maker she's bad at this. "

The Contenders

11 Charade Amell

Hawke has a cousin, who knew?
A nice character that you don't see much of.

12 Meredith

Does what has to be done to protect the people of Kirkwall,ready to make any sacrifice,and dealing with anyone who stands in her way.

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