Greatest DragonForce Songs

The Top Ten Greatest DragonForce Songs

1 Through the Fire and Flames

Best one. I don't know why people are hating this song in comments below.

I cramped my finger twice playing that, what else can I say...

A very nice song its very hard to play it on expert on gh

It's one of their best songs ever! And its fast and catchy, which is one of the reasons I like DragonForce.

2 Fury of the Storm

2nd song ever! 1st is Through the Fire and Flames.
This is the song that inspired me to listen to DragonForce, great solos

Fury of the storm has better soloes than any other Dragonforce song (except operation ground and pound and through the fire and flames

Should be #1, great guitar and lyrics.

First time listener to this band. Listened to...Through The Fire And Flames, Fury Of The Storm and Heroes Of Our Time a few times. Found the Fury Of The Storm the best. I liked it the first time. Their music almost wears you out if you're not used to listening to this type of fast paced music and the songs are so long too.

3 Heroes of Our Time

It's a very inspiring song, with Theart vocals, Li's and Totman's incredible guitar solo's, the song just has a great melody to it, I think it should be #2 but it still got a podium

It was so hard to choose, all their songs sound the same. I went with this one, though (a little better than the rest). - djh101

Awesome! This song reminds me in my childhood days with the super heroes.. haha laugh out loud! You should see their IMBALANCE video!

This song was very impressive. the guitar solo, the drums, specially Herman Li. He was insane. His finger was really insanely fast.

4 Valley of the Damned

Best dragonforce song if you ask me. the first one I knew, but still the greatest one :) great ending too :D

In my opinion the best song DragonForce has ever made. Yes Through the Fire and Flames is the most popular song DragonForce has and was made the band popular through Guitar Hero 3, (That was how I found this band) but other songs of theirs are even better in my opinion! Awesome ending too!

My point is if you are new to listening to DragonForce, try out some of their other songs before thinking Through the Fire and Flames is their best.

THIS IS JUST MY OPINION (You don't have to hate on me :D)

valley of the damned has the greatest ending to the song!
great job guys xD

This is the best one. Not only the guitarists skill level but also in the phrases and wording it has. When listening to this song I can actually visualize me on a medieval battlefield fighting of hordes of enemies. It puts you there in the Valley of the Damned.

5 Operation Ground and Pound

Through the Fire and Flames+ Heroes of our Time= Operation Ground and Pound. One of my favorite songs ever. It just sounds so... Perfect. There really isn't any other word to describe it.

This is best than through the fire and flames (that is a bad song that is famous only for being the hardest song in guitar hero) this is 1.000.000... Times best than through the fire and flames - Pedrok

10) Reasons to Live
9) Judgement Day
8) Last Man Stands
7) Revelations
6) Heroes of our Time
5) Fury Of The Storm
4) Fallen World
3) Our Final Stand
2) Black Winter Night
1) Operation Ground And Pound

But honestly, I literally love all their songs and number 10 and number 1 are also pretty interchangable :D

I love this song because its the toughest song in guitar hero 3. I bet if you could play it in the expert level...

6 Cry Thunder

It's the first one I ever heard from them, and it got me hooked for life.

This song contains everything DragonForce is: Good vs Evil lyrics, awesome guitar, great riff, a chorus you can't help but scream out... It's my favorite song to listen to after I wake up and head off to work.

This song is what truly made DragonForce known, the wicked guitars, vocals and fusion of sounds make it among their best works, I do t know how this got ranked 11th

A good song with an awesome song with Herman and Sam doing an insane solo

7 Revolution Deathsquad

This is my number one favorite song of all time. There is just no question why this is up here. The first time I heard this song, the things immediately caught my ear, being the fifth Dragonforce song I'd heard by playing it on guitar hero. The first was SCREAMING. Then I heard the techno sounds and the "time to try and hold on", and finally that epic guitar sequence right after that awesome "heaviest riff ever" as guitar hero called it. This is without question the single best guitar sequence I have ever heard in my life. The entire rest of the song is epic, too. - MottScurry

My top 10 Dragonforce songs:

1. Revolution Deathsquad
2. Scars of Yesterday
3. The Last Journey Home
4. Extraction Zone
5. Cry for Eternity
6. Soldiers of the Wastelands
7. Fury of the Storm
8. My Spirit Will Go On
9. Heroes of Our Time
10. Heart of a Dragon - KeyboardHero

Comparing to other Dragonforce song, this really pumps me up..
And with the little breaks in the guitar and follow by a rage of power chords, just amazing, I always listen this song before a match, and then my win in nearly guaranteed.. Thanks Dragonforce

This song is so fast. It should be at the top of this list by far! - DopeWithABass

8 Soldiers of the Wasteland

By far the best dragon force song, Through the Fire and Flames and FOTS are only rated high because of guitar hero.

This song is their very best song if you ask me.
I used to really dislike metal, but this song has really changed my mind. The first time I heard it I was convinced immediately.

What can anyone say but a damn good song. Keep it up. Look forward to the next album.

All of their songs have amazing intros, along with the fantastic duo guitar solos, and great sound effects with some nice synth melody's to follow up. I feel this song has all of this mixed in really well.

9 The Last Journey Home

Legendary Chorus. Gives me chills every time. This deserves to be top 5 easily...

One of the best solos of all time by far. This solo has immortalized dragonforce and they will be remembered 50 years hence to be the creator of what can be called, one of the best songs of metal. For now, this song is sadly underrated from being different from the usual super-fast beats. But that is what makes this stand out and it will become a legendary track no doubt.

The second best Dragonforce solo next to Revolution Deathsquad. The entire song as well is also fantastic. - KeyboardHero

I really enjoy Dragonforce, but this song feels different from all of their other songs. That's not a bad thing of course, in fact that's why I like it so much. Definitely top 10 material.

10 Cry for Eternity

The mid section is absolutely unlike anything I've ever heard before - that in itself makes it one of the best power metal songs out there in my opinion

This is my third favorite Dragonforce song. This was actually a close call between this and "The Last Journey Home". In my opinion, the opening sequence wasn't epic enough. Actually, I used to have "Soldiers of the Wasteland" in this spot because of the middle part where it's slow and the guitar riffs are cool, but that rapidly went down the list once I came across this song, which had a much cooler guitar sequence in the middle, plus that wicked keyboard solo afterwards. - MottScurry

I'd say that this is the best song in Dragonforce's arsenal. That solo at 5:21 (or thereabouts) melted my face off. The unsung hero of Inhuman Rampage...

Listen to that intro. Listen to that bridge. Listen to that chorus. Everything in this song seats intensity and screams awesome.

The Contenders

11 Heartbreak Armageddon

I love this song! I think its their best ever. It sounds so amazing. It's perfection.

Why is this so low?

12 My Spirit Will Go On

Best song ever... I didn't hear it till recently. But wow, this is a good song.

Great Song, is my favourite and is unique. - dragon13304

This is my nineth favorite Dragonforce song. One of the first Dragonforce songs I ever heard, and it definitely deserves to be in everyone's favorites. This is like the ideal image of an epic metal song. That beginning sequence is just epic, no other words to describe it. It's only this low because there were just 8 better ones. - MottScurry

I'm shocked that this isn't first. This song actually got me to listen to dragonforce. I hope this song rises in place!

13 Where Dragons Rule

This is my sixth favorite Dragonforce song. This song is probably Dragonforce's most easily and dangerously catchy song. The lyrics are a piece of cake to remember, the transition from the slow and steady part to the fast and furious part is epic, and the guitar solo is awesome. All you need is Chuck Norris. - MottScurry

When it comes to dragonforce you either like their slow songs or their fast songs but this is the perfect mix and that s why it deserves a high spot. Where Dragons Rule is the ultimate show of the Creative power of DragonForce

Awesome song, the vocals really take it up and beyond, too bad Zippy's gone :(

Starts out slow then jumps to warp speed. Epic song

14 Inside the Winter Storm

This is actually one of my favourite Dragonforce songs and is in my top 10.

This song has the best drum beat among any other DF songs

15 Three Hammers

After Maximum Overload was released, this should TRULY be in first place. Great lyrics, strong song; DragonForce has really kicked in, in composing this song.

One of my favorites for sure, if not my favorite. I just love everything about this song.

People who love epic songs and DragonForce should absolutely know this song!

My personal favourite, but I really like most of their songs.

16 Black Winter Night

The KEY Changes in this song are absolute solid gold, and the whole track is genius. This song is much better than Heroes of our Time, only reason it is so low is that nobody knows anything about them BEFORE Guitar Hero 3. Valley of the Damned is the Best Album, period.

I don't know why this song is so far down. It is a ' insane song. I really love the chorus. Such a great song.

Perfect mix of everything. It's one of my favorites.

How is this EPIC song so low.
Everything is great in this song

17 Seasons

Absolutely amazing song, I have heard every song they have created and it is hard to pick a favourite however I believe this is one of their most creative, catchy, fast, and brilliant songs.

Okay, their latest and best song, it's so epic they made a damn acoustic version for it, and it's rated 30? This is stupid as hell, this song is the best, I've heard all the ones on the top of this list and this one is still better, I'm sure everyone agrees

This song has very emotional lyrics, and they are especially brought out in its acoustic version. In my opinion, it sounds like it is speaking of repairing ones soul after a tragedy. This is now my favorite Dragonforce song! Keep up the good work!

Really good Amazing has a good chorus and is catchy well done dragonforce

18 The Game

Number eighteen? Are you kidding me? Definitely one of my favorites. It's so fast!

Up there with Seasons and Through the Fire and Flames for my uncontested favorite!

An awesome song, telling the story of how it's all about the important things in life that matters. This is the perfect song to listen to after you've had a bad, frustrating day

Dragonforce's new album is easily their best. This track and Tomorrow's Kings immediately became my two favorites. Give the 'Maximum Overload' album a listen.

19 Dawn Over a New World

Not even in the top 12?

DragonForce music is LOUD and PROUD.

Must've made all the "fans" here 100% DEAF!

This Track is a Metal Ballad MasterPiece! - rujudan

This song it's more beautiful than Through the Fire and Flames.
This song is a reflection of a new world with harmony, glory and happiness, without wars and conflicts, especially the intro with acoustic guitar and the beautiful solo of Herman with Sam

This one is perfect! It's the shortest one they've ever written but has everything a great song should have... Dragonforce at their best!

This song is much better than Through the fire and flames. It has to be at least in the first five

20 Disciples of Babylon

In my opinion, should be in the top 5, one of their most well written songs, if not the most well written

O.M.G that keyboard solo... VOTE FOR THIS ONE!

21 Body Breakdown

Great Progressive feel at the start, incredible guitar (what else would you expect from DragonForce? ) Just an Epic Song, its so hard to pick a best song from these guys. m/! Rock On DragonForce! m/

Lovely everything. besides I als feel that dragon force is way too much underrated. To me it is form the best bands ever made

Very great melody! Crazy solo bass and guitar

Very passionate and great build and decline

22 Trail of Broken Hearts

Trail of broken hearts... its an timeless song of mythologic love that have crossed time and spread beyond... it's a new window... it makes us feel, not getting what you want can be epic sometimes!

Support me this should be placed in the top ten this song is better than those

The song is pure beauty. Slow, soft unlike the other dragonforce songs but the solo is still comparable to others. Lyrics are just amazing and zp rocks too. I can't say this is the best song by DF but its different and something I'd like to listen to once in a while when I'm not in the mood of power metal.

Very good ballade and very good guitar solo!

23 Above the Winter Moonlight

This song should be at the top 10

One of my favorite songs from them. Probably in my Top 5.

Most motivational and touching dragon force song ever. Zp's vocals are outstanding and really touch your soul

This song is very cool I am loved this song come on people lets have taek

24 Holding On

Probably one of my favorites and by far the most dramatic song.

25 Strike of the Ninja

This is my seventh favorite Dragonforce song. Another dangerously catchy song, and the shortest one, too. This one also has easy-to-remember lyrics and an awesome choir-like sound mixed greatly with that epic guitar sound. Really awesome song. - MottScurry

This song introduced me to DragonForce. I typed ninja in iTunes and looked for anything interesting. I saw this song and tried it. A legacy of power metal is born in my life.

Why isn't this higher up? It's so good

26 Give Me the Night

Dark, aggressive and different, what else can I say?

Great song by DragonForce it has a great deal of emotion and flow. To me anyway its my 2nd favorite song 1st is through the fire and the flames and not because its on GH. (srry, I dislike GH, rockband, and all games like them)

27 Storming the Burning Fields

Inhuman Rampage will forever be their best record released as a whole.
How Fire and flames is #1 (it is the best don't get me wrong)
But how is this worse than 26 other songs?

DragonForce music is LOUD and PROUD.
Must've made all the "fans" here 100% DEAF! - rujudan

Should be played live again! They played it a couple of times when Marc just joined the band, but dropped it quite quickly. Apart from the first verse, Marc slayed this song if the videos are anything to go by!

The beginning of this song is great and awesome guitar solos

This song is awesome not only is it super fast and not 7 minutes but amazing 4 minutes.
So unique and so fast.

From the album inhuman rampage after the songs through the fire and flames and revolution deathsquad.

28 Fallen World

This was a hard choice, but I think Fallen World has a fresh, unique, and powerful story and melody. It's an enchanting song. The lyrics are some of the most meaningful to me. Hudson has an amazing voice!

Their fastest song, and is accompanied with the band's most underrated album and what I consider to be the best.

This one and Seasons are my favourites from the album, really good lyrics!

The fastest song created by this guys, and one of the best. Hudson is amazing and has a better voice than ZP in his last years with DF. One of best metal songs I ever listened.

29 Starfire

Criminally low. Should be top 10. The remastered version also has some best and cleanest vocals of any of their songs

Kind of different from other songs but in a good way. It sounds beautiful.

Greatest DragonForce song ever, simply fantastic.

Just and absolutely beautiful song

30 Ring of Fire

Hell yeah

31 Heart of a Dragon

AWESOME! This is by far the best Chorus, it has a very familiar, yet catchy tune to it. Watch the YouTube video "Heart of a Z Fighter" if you are a DBZ fan!

Powerful, great chorus as said above, and emphasizes the power vocals of Theart. A loss for sure

Thought this might make the top 10, but oh well I guess my taste is unpopular.

Just an awesome song with great lyrics and music

32 Midnight Madness

This song is the best song in there new album

33 Once in a Lifetime

Best song ever, the solo, lyrics are all outstanding to me along with 1 other within this album ZP done great with his work, to bad he quit :(

If you're not familiar with this song, don't listen to the sample; find it elsewhere. It's probably my least favorite part of this song. The rest is so much better. And it has one of my absolute favorite guitar solos!

34 City of Gold
35 Black Fire

This is my fifth favorite Dragonforce song. This song caught me by surprise. I first heard it in a remix of Dragonforce songs, so I looked the song itself up, and That WOAH! Part at the end of the song is so awesome and also sounds kind of sad, not that it made me cry, but just the way they use the key signature is just perfect, which may be a weird way to judge a song, but it just fits so perfectly with the lyrics that I just can't help it. I just love saying "Why can't you see what they're doing to me". - MottScurry

Probably the fastest song in Dragonforce history, also Double Dragon puns. - DensestPotato

The intro to Black Fire is nothing short of a total Brainsplosion. Insane.

36 Heart of the Storm

Very very chingon, wey.

37 Fields of Despair

This is my fourth favorite Dragonforce song. Probably Dragonforce's most underrated song. Maybe because the beginning takes off too suddenly, or maybe cause it's too sort. I don't know, but what I do know is that the main reason this song is so high is because of that beautiful, awesome, epic keyboard solo right in the middle that is just unparalleled in the known universe. Plus that Woah! Part at the end is my second favorite of Dragonforce's Woah! S. - MottScurry

WHAT is this song doing here at 36th?! Without a doubt, this song has the best intro, and by far the BEST chorus! Please, please give it a listen and then vote. I'm not asking you to raise it higher because I know it will automatically if you listen to it.

The live version from twilight dementia is a lot better than the original. It is easily on the top 3 of my best DragonForce songs.

Zippy's high notes are pulled off perfectly! I love this song so much!

38 Tomorrow's Kings

New song, new album, new vocal style displayed. Awesome song with some of the greatest vocal not only from Marc, but dragonforce as a whole.

Another underrated song of their's. I like this song more than Heroes of Our Time. - zxm

This song is really catchy and fun to listen to. I love it a lot

The lyrics and the guitar just over the top, should be higher on this list.

39 The Flame of Youth

Definitely one of their best, top 5 at least

40 The Warrior Inside

I do believe this song should have more recognition than it does now. I have not heard The Warrior Inside until recently, and let me be the first to say... I LOVE it. The chorus, the ending, even the intro just makes this a fantastic song.

I lime how it starts kinda like a video game, chip tune style.

Tribute to soliders and war vets. Touches my heart cause my family is military

41 Ashes of the Dawn

This song is the most epic thing DragonForce have ever released

42 Defenders

New album doesn't get the recognition it deserves my favorite album from them.

Such a good song, I love this so much.

Lottery the best dragon force song

DragonForce's latest demo definitely takes the top for me. The chorus is unmissable.

43 A Flame for Freedom

This is the only song of dragonforce that doesn't sound exactly the same as all the others, and that's why its awesome.

They made it different, and they made it well.

One dream in all of us still shining... - Caleb9000

44 Symphony of the Night

Love this song to dead such a pity no one see's what I love about it.

This song is incredible. The vocals are unbelievable and tell a great story of fantasy and vampires. This song is absolutely incredible and should high on this list.

The solos in this song are just awesome and really fit the tone of the song well. This song is one of their best

Amazing solo and chorus, a very underrated album that is probably their best yet!

45 The Edge of the World

It dosen't sound like DragonForce, but it's one of their best songs, and it's my favorite song over 10 minutes - Doomed_God

Along with Ashes of the dawn the best song of the album!

Great song! The main melody is super catchy and the growled lyrics in the middle are a great addition to the album. The chorus is one of my favorites too

Best song that cane out of Reaching O to Infinity

46 Reasons to Live

It's got real character this song - my favourite.

How can you not love that intro?

This is the only DragonForce song I've heard that didn't use fantasy metophors and I love it. It's a very deep song. - Caleb9000

This is a hidden gem - Ultra Beatdown was a great Album and this got lost in the fury of epic guitar solos, soaring dragonbreath voice and magnitude 9 thump a thumps.
This song flows so beautifully - crazy intro - the fun middle bit - and an epic rising end.
This inspires me each time I listen to it, my favourite Dragonforce song of all time.

47 E.P.M.

This is the first Dragonforce song I've ever heard. This song kicks ass! One of my favorite Dragonforce songs of all-time! Please vote.

This song is just simply amazing! The intro brings me back to the good ol gaming days which is their musical inspiration. Excellent song! Just plain EPIC!

48 Judgement Day

I've been a fan of Dragonforce for a while and until I listened to this Operation Ground and Pound was my favorite. This definitely takes the top spot. Great message and awesome guitar solo.

49 Revelations

This is my tenth favorite Dragonforce song. This one should pretty much be self explanatory. I know that everybody just can't get enough of “Hatred fills the Sky! ". And if that isn't enough, you also get to hear ZP go all out with his epic voice, along with some kick-*** guitar sequences. - MottScurry

50 Scars of Yesterday

The first song I heard, simply the best one - arkilus

Best lyrics and one of my favourite songs from dragonforce.

Has the most electronic sounds... Good job

This song should be in the top 10, at least.

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