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61 Wings of Liberty

One of their fastest and arguably one of their hardest songs, but it sounds beautiful when it's played. Especially the outro solo

This song is amazing this definitely deserves to be in the top 10

This song shows more than any other one that DragonForce have grown up (musically). The solo part is just isane. Great songwriting and a very catchy chorus.

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62 Evening Star

Best chorus and best solo of all time, by the way, Through the Fire and Flames is just the WORST dragonforce song

63 The Sun is Dead V 1 Comment
64 Power and Glory

This song should be SO much higher up

65 Cry of the Brave

If the melody doesn't give you chills at the chorus then you have no music in you.

66 Last Man Stands

How is this song not up higher? It's my personal favorite of DragonForce! The melody is amazing and the lyrics are just epic.

67 Avant la Tempete

This one brings many memories. The best of anyone, nothing to say.

68 Galactic Astro Domination
69 Extraction Zone

This one is very... Interesting

70 No More

Actually pretty decent, if you ask me

71 You're Not Alone

Really? Just because it's not what everybody is use to doesn't mean it's not amazing!

This is one of the best Dragon Force song, you have to really listen to the is real deep

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