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61 Curse of Darkness

Curse of darkness was for sure the best song off of their new album, in my opinion.

62 Astral Empire
63 Lost Souls in Endless Time

This song is beautiful, awesome, and creative! The band really overdid it when they made this song. And they did not dissapoint. It's my favorite of their songs and it should be number 1

One of my favorite song, this is truly one of the best!

What? 48? This should be at least 20th

I love all their songs but this is one of my favorites! DRAGOFORCE 4 EVER

64 Last Man Stands

How is this song not up higher? It's my personal favorite of DragonForce! The melody is amazing and the lyrics are just epic.

65 Galactic Astro Domination
66 Extraction Zone

This one is very... Interesting

67 No More

Actually pretty decent, if you ask me

68 You're Not Alone

Really? Just because it's not what everybody is use to doesn't mean it's not amazing!

This is one of the best Dragon Force song, you have to really listen to the is real deep

69 Evil Dead
70 Land of Shattered Dreams
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