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61 Ice Nine Kills

Nice, heavy, and an all around amazing band! It was hard to choose from the bands here but I had to choose this one because of the creativity and new stuff they bring to the table.

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62 Mindless Self Indulgence

They are the most amazing band ever. I've been listening to them for months and I can't stop. My favourite song is "Shut me up"

This band is so cool and stuff, being emo and listening to MSI is my new hobby

MSI has given me inspiration for my game design career and something to listen to.
I wish Lyn-Z would come back and the band would resume.

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63 Moose Blood
64 The Wonder Years
65 Death Cab For Cutie

I wouldn't really consider them an emo band, but I guess "emo" is a word used to describe a lot of different bands nowadays... but they are one of my fave bands - satanmakesmekill

I'm pretty confused about which bands are emo and which aren't, but I'm pretty sure Death Cab is, and they're amazing either way. - sameera62

Death Cab is indeed emo. I'm pretty sure all or most of the bands in the top 10 aren't. - MarianasPilots

I think they r emo as their music is a lot like emo poetry and they aren't the biggest most successful band of all time and the whole world isn't full of their fans either. Plus I'm emo and I listen to them a lot. But it still doesn't make them "emo".

This is one of the few actual emo bands on this list

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66 A Static Lullaby

A static lullaby are one of my favourite bands love their music

67 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
68 Christie Front Drive

Sad how such a great band is behind so much bands that aren't even emo. Pop punk isn't emo not even close!

69 Saves the Day

Just listen to At Your Funeral or Firefly if you are looking for Emo. Also listen to Brand New, probably number one for emo bands, my opinion though. Enjoy.

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70 Pity Sex
71 Eyes Set to Kill

Really great band but I have to say... My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides are my favorites... If you like screamo check out Darling by estk if not check out give you my all ticking bombs!

All of there songs is really beautiful and the lyrics

They should be number one their what emo is about this is a real emo band I should now am a real emo not a fake ass poser their songs are so beautiful they touch my soul and my heart I love estk

Awesome band.

72 Small Brown Bike
73 Joyce Manor V 1 Comment
74 Jawbreaker

How are they not higher, they were one of the first emo bands!

This list disgusts me. People just don't know Emo's roots. You people who listen to "My Chemical Romance" and "Asking Alexandria" aren't emo, you are just whiny little tween douchebags wearing t-shirts of the bands that killed music which were bought by your parents who you live with in a suburban area. You have no reason to be depressed other than having a likeness to these wannabe metal bands. Blake Schwarzenbach would not be amused.

Is very good this songs

This list is absurd.

75 Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

Should be way higher up. Most of these bands aren't emo.

76 Jack's Mannequin
77 Tiny Moving Parts

This should be number 1. Sure, it's not that popular, but at least it's actually emo. Currently probably my third favorite band. - somelifeonaplanet

#101 what the hell! None of these bands (except a handful) are even emo

I've never been so scated and sad at the same time...

Dakota lol

78 At the Drive-In V 1 Comment
79 Braid

They must be here

80 Dismemberment Plan
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