Pierce the Veil

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Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2006, the band was founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today, which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene.


I'm not exaggerating when I say Pierce the Veil has saved many people's lives (including mine). Their lyrics are so deep and easy to connect to! And it doesn't hurt that they're all really hot ;) but seriously, they are my favorite band and I wish I had found them sooner... I listen to them everyday and I think more people should too... Going back to that whole "life saving" part, there was one day where I felt so bad and I was crying. I was then listening to "Tangled in the Great Escape" and I put my knife down and I've been clean since that day, and because of that here I am :D I love this band so much and I think they should have a much higher ranking...

Pierce the veil is one of the best bands going and the fact not a lot of people have actually listened to them is honestly really annoying. Personally I think everyone should listen to at least a few of there songs! Whilst listening to their music you can easily connect to the lyrics and just let your self go! Pierce the veil have saved my life and lead my down to a new path, and there music is always there when I need something to connect too!

Pierce the Veil is terrible. Why are they even considered a band? Look at real punk and grunge artists such as Nirvana, The Ramones, Radiohead, and The Sex Pistols. that's REAL MUSIC! Not like this junk that people can turn to and cut themselves to. Where has rock and roll fine. People have the wrong idea. Rock artists now think that its all screaming. No. That's not it. Rock is made to think outside the box and to entertain people with the loud thumping of a bass, and the pounding of the drums, with the guitar electrifying the crowd, with the Vocalist finishing it off. Rock now is trash. And that's the truth.

They are the best band in the world and they help many people in many different ways they add a whole new meaning to music me personally that have helped a lot that don't even know me but that still help and put time for meeting there fans and really connecting with them. It annoys me when people say there names wrong I mean how hard is it to say Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jamie Preciado, and Tony Perry like they are not that hard I get if your not a huge fan of them but if someone claims they are there biggest fan at least try to say there names.

They are so inspiring and they deserve better than 36th rank! I mean seriously that is just absurd! I am so disappointed right now it is unbelievable! They (as a band) are there for anyone and everyone, you should seriously regret your decision and should feel really guilty. But that's none of my business! Oh wait yeah it is!

I really like pierce the veil it's probably one of my favorite bands now that I think about it... although I only started listening to them a little while ago, I love their songs, especially a match into water, one hundred sleepless nights, and props & mayhem.

Pierce The Veil has helped me through so much. I listen to them all the time, no matter the mood that I'm in. Vic Fuentes voice is amazing, and the band in general is perfect. This band is one of my idols. I get lost in their music and forget about all the bad things going on.

Pierce The Veil. There is a song for every mood, every moment, every situation. They don't just focus on one emotion, their music is really diverse. I love how they have also merged their Mexican background into their music and always keep to their distinct but captivating vibe. I can't help but feel happy when I listen to them, their songs are so relatable. PTV you are my band for life - XxOtakuDesuxX

Seriously? #10? Pierce The Veil should be closer to the top! They're amazing guys that make amazing music! Vic's voice is awesome and I love all their songs. "Props and Mayhem" is probably my fave song if I had to choose

I love love love Pierce The Veil, I know round about four people in total that like them and I don't get why. They are totally underestimated, I mean of course the first time everyone hears screaming but if you love them like I do, you listen to the meaning in the lyrics. 'Another boy without a sharper knife, ' that line from Yeah Boy and Doll Face, one of my favourites by them, it really hits me hard. Oh, and if you like Pierce The Veil, listen to Sleeping With Sirens because they go hand in hand. Kellic forever!

Pierce the Veil should easily be within the top ten because of how they have hardcore music but amazingly depressing lyrics. It's just a combo so sweet that it hurts and they deserve to be higher up

.. I love them so much. But how can anyone not love them. Especially with Vic and his beautiful voice. One song everyone has to listen to is "BulletProof Love". That song is AMAZING!


They produce amazing music! Their lyrics are heart felt and every single song has a an amazing meaning behind it!

Pierce the veil is awesome I mean you have to be stupid to put them in 9th place like come on what the hell

Pierce The Veil deserve to be in the top 3, they deserve to be #1 because they are amazing. They've helped me through so much and will continue to help me.

Once you've listen to Pierce The Veil there is no turning back! They change everyone's pint if views on suicide, love, bullying and other problems

How is this possible? This band should be #2, at the least! And then Sleeping With Sirens should be #3!

Really? PTV in 10th place? They deserve a way higher ranking! If you don't listen to Pierce The Veil, I highly recommend them to everyone who enjoys emotional, yet beautiful lyrics, and their beats are so catchy man. People always catch me humming one of their songs at any given moment of the day!

They totally belong in the top ten r you kidding me? In my opinion they should be first second or third I don't know what you people r thinking

PTV SHOULD NOT BE RANKED THIS LOW they are the all time BEST BAND EVER there music is so amazing I still have not heard a song I don't like there music is so relatable I LOVE THEM SO MUCH (they saved my life twice I would not be here without them they are the reason I went and got help)

Pierce the Veil appeal to everyone who has ever cried, ever. They just seem to understand, no matter how broken you may seem.

I love Pierce the Veil song bulletproof love

I love this band to death one of the first rock band for me for me to really listen to behind breaking benjamin

This band is not emo but who doesn't love their pierce the veil come on from and the divine zero is rocking it

They are amazing, I don't see why the rank. but I guess people want more of the scream in their music,