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21 Mughal Empire Mughal Empire
22 Ming Dynasty
23 Byzantine Empire

Tried to rebuild the Roman Empire. But failed.

Removed Kebab when no one else would

Constantinoupole the greatest city

Probably the most u defeated empire, lasted for over 1000 years, And everything the ottomans owned was made by the Byzantines, should defenetly be a top five empire
by the way guys this was also called the eastern Roman Empire

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24 Han Dynasty

Put the Han dynasty against Rome and it will easily destroy it and enslave their empire even though slavery was illegal in China.

It is the strongest dynasty in China.

25 Holy Roman Empire

The holy roman empire was united after Charles Charlemagne conquered his brothers portion of the French territory and inheriting his cousins territory in northern Italy his fathers best friend the pope crowned him king of Rome forming the holy roman empire although he died his processors conquered most of Germany and some of Eastern Europe

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26 Mayan Empire
27 Portuguese Empire

Portugal started the the age of exploration. And at the time was one of the most advanced countries in the field of exploration. Having divided the new world with Spain and by new world I'm mostly referring to South America where these countries built up on riches. And Portugal got the better half, Brazil. With that said I truly believe neither the Portuguese nor the Spanish empires should be so low on this list. Just goes to show that some people truly know nothing about history. Educate yourselves.

The Portuguese empire was very far flung, with Portuguese colonies on every continent. It was more widespread than even Spain's. Look at a map and the Portuguese language is still spoken on every continent. The Portuguese mapped the world, were the first Europeans to start global exploration and the last to give up their colonies I.E., Macau, China. The Portuguese empire was very vast and great! The Portuguese empire should be in the top 5 for sure!

Italian Empire in front of Portuguese Empire? This is about the greatest empires of all time, not the greatest country of today.

Nazi Empire? It lasted like 10 years, the Portuguese was between 1415 and 1999.

Greates emphire I water

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28 Italian Empire

Led by Mussolini. Ruined Hitler's plans. This empire sucks.

What about the venitian empire?

Ima Italian

29 Islamic Empire

At the time largest empire the world had ever seen and 5th largest of all time went from Spain, across North Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, and the south of Russia. Lead the world in technology with advancements in literature, mathematics, science, trigonometry, and medicine. Spread Islam across the world from Somalia to Kazakhstan. Not talked about much due to the fact Europe was in a Dark Age.

The Ottoman empire is second, but would not have been around without this. In size, it was more than five times as large as the Romans and I would say that it had just as big a cultural impact on it's people. It spread Islam (the second largest religion today) thus causing the crusades, which united Europe in a sense, and brought the renisance, which allowed the enlightenment (democracy, science, women's rights, freeing slaves, and general equality) and also made it easier for the Europeans to dominate the world, thus bringing diseases to the new world which killed 90 percent of the new world population, spreading Christianity, creating the USA and spreading technology around the world.

This greatest civilization ever to have been made as the glory of the lion's mouth has defeated the greatest empires in the world restored and prevailed in a very few years

Lol this isn't an empire you muslim scum

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30 German Empire

The Empire united by Bismarck that defeated France and Austria while being puny.

Greatest empire in history

One of the strongest empires in the world before WW1. It was technologically ahead and it had one of the biggest armies of the world.

31 Arabian Empire

Before the caliphate split up, this was the mightiest of all the empires. Honestly, the Arabian empire conquered more land than even Rome could. From Spain in the West all the way to the Russian Caucuses. Lets not forget that they were the ones to finally finish off Byzantium. Also they gave the world a great many things including the basis for modern medicine (SURGERY). While the European nations fell into ignorance and chaos, this empire endured and prosepered. Definitely should be in the top 10.

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32 First French Empire

This empire, set up by Napoleon Bonaparte has conquered powerful countries all over Europe: Prussia, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the Italian peninsula! It was ruled by an Emperor, only one, Napoleon. Unlike say the Romans, who conquered barbarians, Napoleonic France conquered powerful countries (but not Great Britain). It also invited allies such as Denmark-Norway, the Ottoman Empire and for a point in time, Russia, Sweden, Prussia, Austria, Persia, Spain and the US.

Napoleon Simply started small from captain to General dictator to emperor. France had a huge army and even conquered quite a bit of russia and took moscow for like a day. This was Frances greatest period

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33 Austro-Hungarian Empire

Ruled over huge chunksof Eastern Europe

It's awesome

34 Babylonian Empire
35 Abbasid Caliphate

They conquered most of the world and were the richest and are the richest people

I'm just commenting because no one else commented. GO ABBASID CALIPHATE!

36 Afsharid Empire, Persia
37 Rashidun Caliphate
38 Umayyad Caliphate

Most tolerant and progressive empire

39 Chola Empire

Just Read about its and its Naval Power, roughly 1000 years before the british thought of naval expenditions.

Only Indian empire chola empire only role the foreign countries south Asian countries srilanka, subhathra
and also known sea navy powerful so called way of bengal sea is like lake of cholas

40 Israeli Empire
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