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41 Dutch Empire

They had Indonesia, New Amsterdam (New York), Suriname, parts of Africa and ruled the seas for a decade.

42 Roman Republic
43 Safavid Empire

This empire was incredible. It had a thriving economy, powerful military and capable rulers such as Abbas the great. It also had a wonderful foreign policy.

This empire is amazing! They were one if the richest empires back then!

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44 Swedish Empire

The dominant power in the baltic in the 1600 hundreds and had at a brief moment the best and most well trained army in the world witch enabled them to beat that times greatest power, the holy roman empire. Also the third biggest nation in Europe after Russia and France at this time. They whent from small farmer nation to a great power in just 100 years... That is impresive!

The Swedish actually deffeated the Russian empire, Poland Lithuania, Denmark norway, Holy romans, and once britain.

45 Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

They had Polish Hussars. enough said.

Battled Turkey, Sweden, Muscovy, Mongols, Germans, Teutons, Czechs yet still managed to survive and become one of the most influential country of all. Was the first to have its king elected in medieval Europe and contributed most to the creations of modern day republics. Its empire stretched over parts of 11 modern day countries establishing colonies even on the Caribbean. The Hussars could destroy armies more than 3 times the size. 'enough said...

Read some history about Rzeczpospolita.

Even though they wearn't considered an empire I still think that it needs some honorable mentions, they battled enemies that were threats to Christianity or Europe, created one of the best cavalry forces ever. One example of the Winged Hussars greatest victories was the battle of Hodow, 40,000+ Crimean Tatars vs 600-1000 Polish winged Hussars, we won with minor casualties. We were one of those countries that were tolerant and helpful towards other nation, we held fair elections ETC And even after we held our glory, during the naploleonic wars all the way to the modern era.

46 Hunnic Empire

This empire destroyed the number one on this list, but it could not finish it, because Attila the Hun died :(

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47 Second French Colonial Empire
48 Brazilian Empire

Only UK could be Compared to Brazilian Empire in XIX Century

One of the most powerful empíreos ever,

49 Great Seljuq Empire
50 Assyrian Empire

Most powerful state in ancient Mesopotamia

51 Carthaginian Empire

Come on guys. Let's get Carthage in the top 10. Our alphabet actually comes from Carthage. They were completely destroyed by the Romans- so what? Rome was rising and Carthage was falling yet it still fought 3 grueling wars with Rome. Too bad there isn't much we can learn about it because the Romans burned their library. They also changed seafaring forever. They are so forgotten in history.

Carthage was on the decline by the time the Punic Wars began, and still it almost ended Rome before it had started. It's one of the greatest empires of all time, definitely.

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52 Aztec Empire
53 Mauryan Empire

Their age was also known as the Golden age of India

54 Vietnamese Empire

Come from China and live as tribe in Cambodia, then Cambodia's king love a Vietnam's women and give the Vietnamese land

It doesn't exist but it might and it will be the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

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55 Khmer Empire

Covered all the land in Indochina from 10th century to 12th century. Also the most powerful empire in southeast Asia. Bravo Cambodia!

Simply becuase we ruled a big part of IndoChina. We were one of the most advanced in the area as because we were able to build the Temple of Gods, 'Angkor what'.

56 Norwegian Empire

At their highest point they had all of Iceland, good chunk of Swedish area, some of Greenland, and even a little of the British isles.

57 Maratha Empire

My bloodline, my ancestors, my many great uncles and grandfathers fought in this army...

58 Akkadian Empire
59 Sikh Empire

It is one of greatest which destroyed mogul empirein north India and Afghanistan

60 Axumite Empire

Nice history for me even though I am a aced History student in Yale

Based in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea but at its peak in 6th century it controlled the rest of Ethiopia, north Sudan (where it destroyed the ancient kingdom of Merōe),souther Egypt, Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia.

A writer from 6th century called it the most powerful empire in the world along with Persia, Roman and China.

It was known as habesha to Arabs when first Muslims went to it for safety. It converted to Christianty in 340ad which officially makes it the second nation after Armenia to accept Christianty as the state religion. It was a major ally to their to Byzantine empire because of common orthodox religion. It lost its power after Islamic caliphates controlled all of Arabian pensiula which made the ancient empire lose its trading ports.

It was then limited to Eritrea and northern Ethiopia but at that time it was known as abbysinian. It was 100% isolated from the whole world for at least 700years till 1870

It basic form was as the'mot kingdom in ...more

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