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61 Mali Empire

Was for a while a major center of trade, and learning with giant cities such as Timbuktu and Gao the rulers didn't just hoard the money they built universities and they built giant farms. They helped the spread of the Islam religion. They had so much gold people from Europe flocked here. And they even invented cotton. I mean that's pretty legit.

62 Seleucid Empire
63 Inca Empire
64 German Colonial Empire

I believe that the german colonial empire was one of the greatest because un like the Nazi German Reich, they actually fought a 2 front war and kicked the crap out of both sides until america came in and pulled a dick move like we usually do.

Wilhelm II. And Bismarck were two of the most popular Germans back then, Germany had colonies all over the world, but then World War 1 and Hitler came... - DonBilbo1

65 Great Zimbabwe

The greatest empire in the history of mankind. They used to control the who earth and kicks everyone's butts.

66 Communist China



67 Xia Dynasty
68 Karkota Empire

Come on, it was pretty large

69 Parthian Empire

Was the best skilled faction beetwin ancient Persian and longest and strongest. they also defeated roman empire with 3000 armies againts 200000 armoured roman armies.

70 Zhou Dynasty

Lasted more than 1200 years!

71 Kakatiya empire
72 Nizam Empire
73 Durrani Empire
74 Gurkhan Empire
75 Danish Colonial Empire

This empire has full of fornication.

76 Song Dynasty, China
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