Greatest Facts About Jupiter


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1 The Great Red Spot

Has been raging for around 300 years or so (that is when it was first spotted) and is that big that it could fit it 2 Earths which gives some idea of it's colossal scale - MatrixGuy

2 Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons
3 It's the biggest planet of the Solar System
4 Eight Spacecrafts Have Visited Jupiter
5 A strong storm on Jupiter could last numerous months
6 Jupiter's Strong Magnetic Field
7 It Can Be Seen by the Naked Eye
8 It Has the biggest Moon of the Solar System, Ganymede
9 Origin of Jupiter's Name
10 It had a spectacular impact in 1994, by pieces of Comet Shoemaker-Levy
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1. The Great Red Spot
2. Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons
3. It's the biggest planet of the Solar System



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