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41 The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
42 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Everything about this movie was crap. As someone has read all the Percy Jackson books, I honestly find this movie offensive.

43 Coraline

This was one of tge few films in my childhood that scared me. But now I enjoy it, creepy button eyes and all.

44 Dragonslayer

Set in an atmospheric medieval fantasy world.
Lots of nice twists and the greatest dragon of all time!

Vermithrax is the best and most perfect Dragon ever put on film.

45 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

IT'S PHILOSOPHERS STONE! Anyway, this is a great movie and my all time favourite book This deserves Top 3

46 Star Wars, Episode I - The Phantom Menace
47 Life of Pi
48 Watchmen

This top ten list is the stupidest I've ever seen! Put more DC movies into it! Is this the only DC movie in this whole category!?!?

49 Dragonheart
50 The Green Mile
51 The 5th Wave
52 Jumanji
53 It's a Wonderful Life
54 Alice in Wonderland (2010)

If it weren't for this, Kenneth Branagh wouldn't have given us Cinderella

THANK GOD FOR TIM BURTON. He's one of my favorite directors ever, and this film is one of his best. But, this film, on it's own without the effects, would probably be lower on the list. But Mr. Burton manages to successfully bring the characterd of Aonderland to live action in a symphony of action, adventure, and above all MADNESS.

55 Oz the Great and Powerful

This film was great. It's a Disney film, so of course it'll be perfect. It manages to give a darker tone to a classic tale while also sturring in great action sequences that mamage to make the Land of Oz look bad-ass. It aldo has it's iwn unique way of how the stiry of the Wizard of Oz we know and love came to be, although ut never explained or even SHOWED the ruby slippers. They probably couldn't get the ┬ęcopyright.

56 Howl's Moving Castle

This film is so high up on the list cause it has a WALKING CASTLE. Just the title will make you hooked. If you haven't heard of it, try and find it on Amazon, you'll be glad that you got it.

57 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I chose this particular Harry Potter film cause it actually takes great advantage of it's fantasy enviroment and the ingenuity of the world of Harry Potter is used specracularly in the film's visuals and characters.

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58 Beetlejuice

The concept that the afterlife is more complicated than we percieve is so fascinating and original and macabre. Again THANK GOD FOR TIM BURTON.

59 The Cat Returns

I wouldn't be surprised if NONE of you knew what thus film was, so I'll summarize it like this: It's by the same person who made Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle and the English dub featires ANNE HATHAWAY. That's how AWESOME it is.

60 Thor: The Dark World

Features a former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, ie the one David Tennant replaced.

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