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21 Sissel Kyrkebo

I love Sissel's beautifully clear tone and the versatility of her voice. I think I especially appreciate that she doesn't have that typical "vibrato" that you tend to get with opera singers, and yet sings classical pieces amazingly.

I can listen to Sissel all night and all day. She has the cleanest and clearest singing voice I have ever heard in 60 years and her pitch is perfect. She can sing anything, from pop and folk right on up to opera.

Crystal Clear voice, and with perfect control. Can't help falling for her voice. no one beside and no one above!

Not only musically gifted, she is a rare beauty both physically and in her person.

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22 Sumi Jo

Only because she's an Asian, so many people don't appreciate her amazing vocal! She totally deserves to be at least top 8

Magical! Fantastic in Mozart's Magic Flute!

Her voice is like a crystal!

I love her!

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23 Marian Anderson

One of the greatest African-American opera singers to have ever lived.

That true great

That's so true great so far down the list.

24 Diana Damrau

Seriously listen to diana's performances of the Queen of the night. THIS LADY HITS HIGH NOTES NO OTHER SOPRANO COULD DREAM OF HITTING. Diana is simply heavenly!

Diana Damrau is for me the best of all bests! She is exquisite! Check out her as the Queen of the Night in the Magic Flute, she is simply breath taking! One word: AMAZING!

Diana Damrau is incomparable. Her high notes, unlike most sopranos, are not jarring and don't pierce the air, but rather, lightly float and touch your heart and soul. She rolls her R's perfectly and has one of the most gorgeous voices ever.

Should be MUCH further up on this list! wonderful actress and performer

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25 Malena Ernman

Fantastic voice and wonderful expression of the charactors she portrayed.

Not only is she an amazing mezzo but she also has a great sence of humor and stage presence. She's not afraid to try diffrent things and were even part of the Eurovision song contest in 2009 making opera accessible to more people.

Malena has the most beautifull voice on the planet, her sence of humour is amazing, just a beautifull woman allroud

26 Ann Sofie von Otter

An admirable singer and a charming person.

27 Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

A voice that takes you further than you can possibly imagine.

Beautiful face, beautiful voice, there will never be another ES

A voice of finesse, sophistication and technique

The greatest Mozart's singer ever (and the greatest Richard Strauss too).
Perfect pitch, intonation and accent. The most elegant voice ever, and a very talented stage performer too.

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28 Frederica von Stade

I second that! What a pure and steady tone quality in here voice!

Something undefinable and unique sets her apart for me. A voice full of warmth and expression.

Beautiful rich tone. My favorite.

An amazing timbre

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29 Ghena Dimitrova

One of the best to have ever lived!

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30 Amelita Galli-Curci

Incredible singer, the benchmark for many sopranos who came after her. The tragedy is that few good recordings exist.

She was the best soprano of all time, She sang with Gigli and all the top opera singers

Amelita enthralls me with the lilting beauty of her voice over 2 CD's, every song.

31 Rosa Ponselle

Rosa would sing rings around most all of these mentioned and was at least on a par with Callas and Sutherland. People need to re-acquaint themselves with her as Rosa was THE DIVA in the 20' and 30's while performing with Caruso at the Met. Callas has said that Rosa was one of her first idols so please give a listen as you will not be disappointed.

A great singer with a great technique and musicality.
Anyone who knows anything about voices will agree

She was the first all American trained soprano to star at the Met.

She was the greatest. No discussion.

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32 Agnes Baltsa

An outstanding rich dramatic mezzo and one of the greatest Carmens ever - especially in the final act. Her O Don Fatale from Don Carlos is a powerhouse of a performance - but she was not the best at Rossini esp compared to Cecelia Bartoli's note precision.

33 Carla Maffioletti

Has such a gorgeous singing voice and so uplifting, has me humming all the time! Have just brought her beautiful blue bird album which is so fantastic.

Carla is, in my opinion, perfection in every department. Voice, acting ability, personality, and personal beauty. Wonderful!

This Lady is a Great Wee singer who Always has a smile on her face when she sings and sings from the heart. An Angel on Earth

Was amazed at Carla's from the first time I heard her sing the top range is unbelievable makes the music sound easy

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34 Raina Kabaivanska

Beautiful voice, Beautiful and talented actress and strong presence on the stage!

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35 Aria Tesolin
36 Beverly Sills

She is the reason I started listening to opera as a kid. I was just fascinated by her.

She brought me to opera

One of the originals!

This is the voice that made me listen to opera. Amazing. Not to mention it gave me the chance to find Pavarotti and Edith Piaf, as well as the incredible operas of Mozart and Bizet. Thank you, Beverly!

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37 Mirella Freno

Mirella Freni possesses one of the most opulent, expressive voices ever heard. She is loved by all who worked with her and has always been humble about her gift. A Great Artist.

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38 Victoria de los Angeles

I don't know who is voting here, but is obvious that don't know so much about opera. What is doing this angelic voice in the 68? Should be the second

Stunning and perfect voice - second only to Callas

She was rated 3rd after Maria Callas and Joan Sitherland at one time. Her Madame Butterfly is legendary. Judith Jones

I am from Barcelona, and I have always found her better than Caballé

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39 Amira Willighagen

As of early 2017, Amira's potential is gradually becoming a reality. She continues to receive proper training and instruction for her maturing voice. Amira has performed worldwide on a schedule limited by Dutch law and her own family's sensible nurturing. Listening and watching her more recent performances are a pure joy, as her repertoire has extended beyond singing to interacting with other performers. Her voice is strong, clear, expressive and increasingly polished. Her awesome stage presence matches her singing ability. Her vocal ability among young singers is without peer, and is frequently compared to the finest contemporary and 20th century adult opera singers. I wait impatiently to hear future performances from this best of the best opera/classical young singer.

It is true that Amira does not currently perform opera as "technically" or as "proficiently" as does the likes of Jackie Evancho. That said, I believe Amira has a MUCH MORE powerful and authentic voice than even Evancho had at her age... And all that WITHOUT any official vocal training.

I believe Amira has the vocal talent and IF she desires; will soon eclipse Evancho. If that occurs, eventually be ranked among the top five female opera singers of the 20th Century.

Amira willighagen has such a STRONG voice, especially for a 9 year old. She looks like an angel sent to sing our cares away. Amazing.

She has such an amazing voice, so touching and beautiful. My name is also Amira! I really love her new album

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40 Montserrat Marti

Brilliant...especially with Freddie Mercury!

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