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61 Janet Baker

A rich, full voice that sings Mahler better than most messo-sopranos. Definitely, one of my personal favorites.

This listener went out of his way to hear Dame Janet Baker at every opportunity afforded listeners in the United States. Her ability to express text was unbelievably true. Hearing her "Air de Lia" from Debussy's "L'Enfant Prodique", (an aria sung by the mother of the Prodigal Son) was so powerful an experience that one felt the repetitions of the mother calling out the son's name came literally from Baker's womb. Do not be put off by that sentence. To have experienced Baker's interpretation created a moment never to be forgotten.
She had the strength of artistry to program Schubert's "Gretchen am Sinnrade" in a recital at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC (the most critical and discerning of audiences). The ovation after the song reflected how clear and passionate her interpreting had been. As a recitalist she was the greatest of artists.
Her final movement of Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" stands alone as one of the great performances of the piece.

Great and most famous for her role in Gluck's Orpheus and Eurydice. No one sings that aria better than Dame Janet... "Que Faro, sensa Eurydice".

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62 Anna Caterina Antonacci
63 Vesselina Kasarova

One for individuality and versatility.

64 Sierra Boggess Sierra Boggess V 2 Comments
65 Tsakane Valentine Maswanganyi

The most flexible, yet consistent ranged voice I've ever heard. Not only a perfect voice - but a talented actress and dancer too! Also, apart from being extremely beautiful - Tsaky is also extremely modest, as she has a beautiful personality too.

Vote for someone who actually deserves the professional recognition of a fantastically, superb talent - PLEASE!

Once heard... never forgotten, to those with an experienced ear. Simply unprecedented flexible range, combining a heavenly voice with not only beauty - but unusually, also superb acting skills - in a wonderful, yet modest Sowetoen girl.. who loves to dance!

Her Facebook information page, about her starring roles, including Porgy & Bess (in many countries), Carmen Jones and the star of Winnie - the opera (the life of Winnie Mandela).

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66 Jenny Lind

Nobody heard her, she performed in mid-19th century

67 Roberta Peters

Just watched Roberta Peters on T.V... Incredible

Why is she this low in the ratings? I just listened to her singing Mozart, repeatedly hitting high Fs, not just "sneaking up on them", but jumping up an octave to reach them, and singing them perfectly.

68 Maria Kesselman
69 Lori Lewis
70 Ermonela Jaho

From Albania -opera singer - Opera Houses all over the world

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71 Gundula Janowitz

Simply one of the purest and most musical sopranos in concert and in opera that has ever sung.

Considered one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century

In Mozart and German repertoire, she's one of the greatest ever. She contends to Elisabeth Schwartzkopf the title of "Perfect Countess".

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72 Olga Peretyatko

I wonder who made this list and when? Miss Peretyatko should have been selected among the first 10 best.

Why isn't Olga higher on this list?! She has outstanding vocal talent with such a beautiful warm tone, her Blondchen is amazing!

On of the best singers of her generation! I've heard her in Salzburg as Giunia and in Arena di Verona as Gilda! OUTSTANDING! And beautiful lady!

73 Elena Mosuc

She made big progress

74 Grace Bermingham
75 June Anderson

Anderson is not as good as joan sutherland. but no one is. on this list, june anderson is second only to sutherland. that tarja turunen is awful. she's not even close to an opera singer, more like pop. and she needs a microphone so she should be deleted from this list.

If joan sutherland is a 10, anderson is a 7.

Great belcanto singer superb in Bellini and Donizetti operas

76 Anna Prohaska
77 Sena Jurinac
78 Elisabeth Schumann

One the finest voices of the late 19th and early 20th century

79 Lily Pons

Maybe time has left her in the dark, too bad she is all but forgotten. She was still very popular when I was young, 60 years ago. She was really fabulous. Her rendition of the Bell Song from Lakme is unparalleled, there are several YouTube clips, one from a movie, listen to them, you will be be astounded. Such fluidity and clarity, beauty and agility in her voice, and she was a good looker too, as beautiful to look at as Anna Moffo, She was featured in Hollywood films as well as on the stage of the Met.

Li Pons was mainly responsible for putting glamour back into opera! No one has equalled her vocal longitivity. Even at 76, her voice remained amazing and youthful! A true star of the highest caliber!

Another febulous singer who played the Hollywood Bowl many times and lead us into musical and operatic history. Tod Jonson

80 Adelina Patti

The recordings from 1905-06 were when she was over 60. Verdi said about her she was the top singer of his century. She performed in front of Lincoln in 1862.

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