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81 Elisabeth Schumann

One the finest voices of the late 19th and early 20th century

82 Lily Pons

Maybe time has left her in the dark, too bad she is all but forgotten. She was still very popular when I was young, 60 years ago. She was really fabulous. Her rendition of the Bell Song from Lakme is unparalleled, there are several YouTube clips, one from a movie, listen to them, you will be be astounded. Such fluidity and clarity, beauty and agility in her voice, and she was a good looker too, as beautiful to look at as Anna Moffo, She was featured in Hollywood films as well as on the stage of the Met.

Li Pons was mainly responsible for putting glamour back into opera! No one has equalled her vocal longitivity. Even at 76, her voice remained amazing and youthful! A true star of the highest caliber!

Another febulous singer who played the Hollywood Bowl many times and lead us into musical and operatic history. Tod Jonson

83 Adelina Patti

The recordings from 1905-06 were when she was over 60. Verdi said about her she was the top singer of his century. She performed in front of Lincoln in 1862.

84 Malin Hartelius
85 Aubrey Ashburn
86 Tatiana Troyanos

Beautiful mezzo with great courage since she suffered from debilitating stage fright. Her Carmen is superb. Her greatest concert was her last, though terminally ill, she got out of bed and sang for her fellow patients in the hospital. She sang " to give them pleasure " She died that night.

87 Bidu Sayao

Perfect voice. Humble and so brilliant. Ruled the Metropolitan Opera from 1937 to 1952.

At her prime she was the best, her Manon and Villa-Lobos recordings are gems. Listen to the Met broadcasts from the 40's. She was unique, but has been lost to passing fancies.

88 Lyne Fortin

She has a traditional and purist approach of her art and a very critical view of opera. Its performance was acclaimed and rewarded many times, both for her voice, the correctness of her play and her presence on stage.
She is known for the correctness of her diction in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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89 Grace Bumbry V 2 Comments
90 Joan Hammond

The most beautiful voice ever

91 Rita Streich

Rita has an incredible crystal clear voice that soars. A beautiful coloratura soprano with an angelic voice!

92 Sondra Radvanovsky

How she hasn't been mentioned yet and the likes of Katherine Jenkins (who isn't an opera singer ) beats me. Beautiful tone and a marvellous actress - surely one of foremost sopranos particularly in tosca.

I have just watched this beautiful singer perform two incredible arias on a T.V. program (in Brisbane Australia - although I believe the concert was with the Opera National de Paris. She sang Vissi d'arte from Tosca and it was amazing. I cried, I jumped up at the end and clapped and did a little happy dance because it was so exquisite. I've never heard her before but I shall certainly be searching out a CD in the immediate future. She is now about to sing a piece by Bellini (I think) so I must fly.

...too far down the list, spectacular performer

93 Milka Trnina
94 Evgenia Laguna

No one tops the list for stage presence, expression, beauty and a lovely voice in combination.

95 Anna Tomowa-Sintow
96 Fatma Said Fatma Said
97 Nina Rautio
98 Mojca Erdmann
99 Bidu Sayao

One of the greatest voices of all times. Came to Los Angeles for the opera season and stole our hearts away. Fqbulous lady. Tod Jonson

100 Jenna Dearness-Dark

A young talented singer - new on the scene and only 17 years of age. Like Mirusia Louwerse born in Queensland, Australia and also has a Dutch Oma.

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