Top Ten Greatest Female Opera Singers

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141 Moira Anderson
142 Kathryn McKusker
143 Deborah Cheetham
144 Danielle de Niese

The funniest diva I have ever enjoyed in more than 70 years opera going.

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145 Alenka Gotar

She is incredible! Beautiful voice.

146 Elena House

This 15 year old is something!

147 Helen Traubel

I can't believe Helen Traubel is not in the top 10...

148 Kristin Chenweth

Powerful voices, terrific breath control, and, audience appeal

149 Marina Shaguch

She has one of the best mezzo soprano in the wold. Take a look at her on YouTube- you will be amazed...

150 Phyllis Curtin
151 Frances Bible
152 Helen George
153 Mado Robin

Her voice was no only stratospheric but also very lyrical.

154 Gwyneth Jones
155 Karina Gauvin

Canadian soprano known primarily for her expertise in Baroque opera. Huge personality, flawless technique and beguiling musicality. Check out her wonderful recording of Canteloube's Songs of the Auvergne with a chamber ensemble...

156 Jessie Charlotte Bond
157 Jodi Cassaniti
158 Deborah Voigt
159 Yvonne Kenny

A beautiful lyric soprano and a wonderful musician and communicative actress. Her performances of Handel heroines were exceptional. She performed throughout Europe, UK (mostly Royal Opera House) and Australia (her country of birth). She made well over 100 recordings throughout her career.

160 Lorraine Hunt Lieberson

Unparalleled interpretively with a beautiful voice to match

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