Greatest Fighting Game Series

Best game series that involves 2 or more players fighting each other. Franchises only please.

The Top Ten

1 Tekken

Tekken is awesome! The 3-D graphics are amazing! It should definitely be #1! I have played it since I was a little kid, I grew up playing it; and I still play it to this day. It would have to be my most favorite fighting game of all time! Tekken has created powerful, awesome fantasy characters into my life such as Lili and Xiaoyu.

Tekken takes the 1 spot because the graphics are just damn beautiful and took the 3D fighting game style from Virtua Fighter and made it better in every way. It also features original and unique characters such as Yoshimitsu and King. Namco made a great idea for making each button controlling one limb, and many, such as I, grew up with this game. And, finally, it sells the best out of any fighting game in history!

Tekken should br number 1... But its ok... We all know that tekken is the best selling fighting game franchise of all time... Beating... Street fighter... Mortal kombat.. Doa... Etc..

A Huge cast of characters and a stories behind each. One of them along side the great mechanics with No super meter and only fighting. Makes this the greatest fighting series, and the don't super or Ultra every entry.

2 Mortal Kombat

Raiden is the best Character

A whole lotta blood spilling out - aeromaxx777

Definitely the best fighting game series ever made. Yes, it's too much bloody and brutal but so entertaining and cool at the same time
Finish Him! - Magnolia

Four words: Mortal Kombat kicks ass!

FINISH HIM! FATALITY! TOASTY! The iconic lines of gaming history! MK RULES!

3 Super Smash Bros.

Smash Bros wins for being unique. Every other fighting game has more or less identical gameplay, just with different characters.

The name sums it all up! And beside, we have Mario, Link, Bowser (playing as a baddie! ), then we get Snake and Sonic (Ok that's great.), but then we get Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Bayonetta and even Cloud STRIFE! CLOUD ' STRIFE!

It only releases on one platform, yet it sells the best. Heck, that pretty much sums up Nintendo. Only releasing on one platform, but selling the best!

I am so excited for the new one and super smash bros brawl is my favorite video game

4 Street Fighter

Oh come on if it weren't for Street Fighter we wouldn't have fighting games and it has my favorite character from Fighting games Cammy


Without street fighter none of these other games would even exist.

Street fighter is the definition of what fighting games should be.

5 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball is epic!

6 Soul Calibur

The combat is some of the best of any fighting games I've ever played, The character creation is really cool, the use of created characters in online play is awesome, the guest characters are great, and the story is pretty interesting. Really looking forward to SCVI, whenever that comes out.

Fighting game with enchanted weapons? I'll take it! - aeromaxx777

You get to customize characters any way would want and you get to create your own character and plus in Soul Cailbur IV you get to put your character in the intro

7 Naruto Naruto Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.
8 WWE Smackdown vs Raw

The biggest fighting franchise that does not involve death, but delivers enormous amounts of violence. - aeromaxx777

9 BlazeBlue

One of the most fun games with the coolest cast of characters I've ever played

Adding in that anime makes it more awesome

10 Marvel vs Capcom

The series became one of the most recognized franchises ever. - aeromaxx777

The Contenders

11 Fight Night

Not your usual fighting game. Even though your only able to throw punches (and headbutts) the game play is really unique and its really hard to win by spamming because of the energy bar unlike with most other fighting games

12 Guilty Gear

A series with gameplay that truly puts your technical skills to use, with blindingly fast pacing, a refined engine, and a stunning variety of combos and techniques. The overall depth and variety offered by this combat system is difficult to match, and has done a lot of evolving since the unorthodox, yet intriguing original game.

The hand-drawn, sprite-based graphics are beautiful, especially on the part of the character models, and the backgrounds are breathtaking. Daisuke Ishiwatari's compositions for the soundtrack provide an energetic and uplifting feel, and compliment the furious action perfectly. The overall artwork of this series is creative, original, and well-conceived.

The characters are all very unique, likable, and inspiring, with surprisingly involving storylines and backgrounds, and strong, memorable personalities. Their names, moves, clothing, and overall design are full of rock and heavy-metal references. The franchise is almost guaranteed to introduce ...more

Even if I don't really play many games and I am not really familiar with the series, I think GG is really awesome. And plus this is coming from someone who loves KoF!
If you like fighting games, you might love Guilty Gear. Cool characters and awesome combos, and I don't know, I am too speechless for this awesomeness.

One of the best fighting games I have ever played, it had good graphics, fun gameplay, amazing music, and memorable characters that are all unique

Same with BlazeBlue anime style

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13 King of Fighters

I love how they did the gameplay

Should be number 1 all the charecters are awesome its gameplay is awesome good graphics and all the charecters has their own fighting style

14 Dead or Alive

Story is prefect and the ninja story is the best

15 Virtua Fighter

I haven't played that much games but still great

16 Mafia II

Fighting as in hand to hand brawls and shootouts.

Is it even a fighting game?

17 Darkstalkers

Don't forget about the other fighter Capcom made, not as popular as street fighter, but still a solid game.

18 Injustice: Gods Among Us
19 Persona
20 Killer instinct

Awesome characters - Hydro_shinobi

21 UFC Throwdown
22 Punch-Out!!

Nintendo's take on boxing. This game obviously isn't the best, but is fun to play, and filled with humorous characters nonetheless.

23 Bloody Roar

I would definitely put this in the bottom half of the top ten. It's fast paced, creative and overall just a solid series.

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