Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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241 Rob Marshall
242 Barry Sonnenfeld
243 Dexter Fletcher
244 Morgan Spurlock
245 Gary Ross V 1 Comment
246 Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh
247 Bala

He is number 3 in Indian film industries

248 Francis Lawrence
249 Shane Black
250 David Silverman
251 Robert Stevenson
252 Robert Stromberg
253 Paul Feig

This guy did Bridesmaids

254 Milos Forman

I don't understand, how he can be so low down, considering he is responsible for masterpieces like 'Amadeus', 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest', 'Hair', 'The People vs Larry Flint' and 'Ragtime', just to mention a few. For a multiple Oscar-winning director, one would think, he's higher regarded than this.

255 Richard Curtis
256 Oliver Parker
257 Bob Fosse

For having directed 'Cabaret' and 'All that Jazz', he deserves to be in Top 100, at least.

V 1 Comment
258 Charles Laughton

He only directed one film, 'Night of the Hunter', but so superbly, that he still deserves a mentioning.

259 Kovelamudi Raghavendra Rao
260 John Sturges
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