Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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241 Robert Bresson
242 Tex Avery
243 D.W. Griffith
244 Brad Bird
245 Takeshi Kitano
246 Harold Ramis Harold Ramis
247 James Bobin
248 Mamoru Hosoda
249 Ken Annakin
250 Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough was an English actor, film director, film producer, entrepreneur, and politician.
251 Michael Curtiz
252 Jon Favreau
253 Hideaki Anno
254 Hideo Nakata
255 Jean-Pierre Jeunet
256 Richard Linklater
257 Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar
258 Roland Emmerich

He's known for working in the disaster and action genres. his films include moon 44, universal soldier, stargate, independence day, the 1998 remake of godzilla, the day after tomorrow, 10,000 because, 2012, and white house down.

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259 Fred Zinnemann
260 Frank Lloyd
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