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41 Kasinathuni Viswanath

A legendary director who took telugu film and culture on to a global level. One of the best directors known for the classical touch in his films.

A great classical cinema director in Telugu and Tamil film industry!

42 Mikhail Kalatozov
43 S. Shankar

He is the best director the film Industry has seen... His thoughts his imagination has no ends... His thoughts through social awareness is awesome... Hats off to him... I bow my head to him...

Top director in India... Can expect a lot from him..

He's an master piece

He introduced hollywood standards to Indian film industry.

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44 Darren Aronofsky

Watch Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, and Black Swan, and honestly tell me Aronofsky is not a top 10 director! His thought-provoking, brilliantly-shot masterpieces are complemented by some of the greatest scores by the underrated Clint Mansell. Although a young director now, expect him to be listed in the ranks of Scorsese and Tarantino as his repertoire grows.

First of all, this 2 trick player has only made 5 or 6 great movie, second of all, he will never rank among the "Legendary" Spielberg or Scorsese, Aftermath was garbage, and all he wants to do is make porn movies with a very "Overrated" actress.

Great director.

He should be in one.

45 John Carpenter

Seriously this guy's movies are original and not duplicates of other flicks, Escape from NY (created Snake Plissken whose similarity is copied by protagonists in duke nukem, action man, metal gear and hoss del gado in Billy n Mandy), The Thing, Prince of darkness, StarMan, Vampires (which inspired van helsing), Ghosts of mars. And has also directed video games such as Fear 3, Dead Space, plus he is the cinematic director for God Of War 4 (2012)

His early works like 'Dark Star', 'Assault on Precinct 13', 'Eyes of Laura Mars', 'Halloween', 'Escape from New York' and 'Big Trouble in Little China' have all stood the test of time and remain great movies. Sadly, later films have mainly disappointed.

He's also a great composer, composing most of the music for his films (especially composing the Halloween theme song). he even has his own band called the Coupe De Viles.

46 K. Balachander

Best directer in Indian cinema forever

May his soul rest in peace.

He is legend director

Introduced many talents like Rajnikanth, Prakash Raj to Indian cinema. A great director!

47 James L. Brooks V 1 Comment
48 Kenji Mizoguchi
49 George A. Romero

When you get down to it, George A. Romero seems like a wise old man.

50 S. S. Rajamouli

He has the most creative director in Telugu film industry. He can make any genre of films, the subject has to solid not star cast, that is what he believes in..

Rajamouli has the mind full of innovations n perfect screenplay which the movie viewer wanted to with great dedication n perfect planning the movies will n finalised by him.

One of best director the world ever seen. He doesn't know the word failure in his career. His movies are simply awesome they cannot express.

With great ideas

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51 Roman Polanski Roman Polanski

"Chinatown" was simply brilliant. To make a movie like "Knife in the Water" at the age of 29 is quite an achievement..

The Movie-Titles speak for themselves: Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, The Tenant, Chinatown, Tess, Frantic, The Ninth Gate, The Pianist, The Ghostwriter, etc.. Let's just ignore 'Hook'.

52 James Mangold
53 Lars Von Trier

Dogville, Dancer in the Dark, Breaking the Waves. No more to say..

The top ten of this list is an absolute mess. Hollywood BS like Thievin' Stealberg, with me having to scroll to page 3 to find LvT. Grow up, Hollywood moviegoers, and embrace the dark side.

54 Brian De Palma

Would be placed at the top of the list "Most underrated director of all times". It's a shame that he not in the top ten.

55 Billy Wilder

The indisputable 'King of Comedy'. 'Some like it hot', 'The apartment', One, Two, Three', 'The Fortune Cookie',etc.. And his dramas like 'Sunset Boulevard', Double Indemnity', 'the Lost weekend, 'Stalag 17', 'Ace in the Hole', etc are just as brilliant. Top 20-Director!

I love all of his movies. He was a real master of combining light comedy and emotional themes (see The Apartment for perfection at this. ) When you look at the quality of his movie catalog it is really staggering. - chambon

Billy wilder was a true master he didn't make pretentious crap that tried to be some thing they weren't. He made down to earth films with grace and modesty

This is a joke. Not even in the top 20?!?!?!? His work with both comedy and film noir is impeccable. Intellgient but not pretencious, funny but not a joke every 2 seconds. In a time where cinema as at it's fines,t Wilder was the finest of them all alongside Hitchcock, Kurosawa and Ozu. I guess his position goes to show that "Nobody is perfect" when it comes to voting. - DysenteryGary

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56 Jean Renoir Jean Renoir

It truly upsets me that no one up till me even thought of Renoir. His films are not only technically masterful, but they are so full of human emotion and truth and brilliance that they transcend all film criticism. No director has ever shown humans as truthfully and honestly as Renoir.

What A Joke Renoir Is The Boss The Wisest Man to Make films, the teenagers & 20 something's who vote for populist hacks, haven't a clue about cinema.

57 Mel Brooks

He directed such comedy classics as spaceballs and young frankenstein.

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58 Todd Phillips
59 Bryan Singer V 1 Comment
60 Fritz Lang

His films from 80 years ago are still far better than most made today

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