Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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141 Steven Soderbergh
142 Hal Ashby

Harold and maude, being there - incredible films.

143 Fernando Meirelles
144 Tony Scott

'True Romance', 'Man on Fire', 'The Taking of Pelham 123' and 'The Hunger', just to mention a few, are all excellent movies, therefore T. Scott should be higher up.

145 Norman Jewison
146 Robert Redford Robert Redford Charles Robert Redford Jr., known professionally as Robert Redford, is an American actor, director, producer, businessman, environmentalist, and philanthropist.
147 Warren Beatty
148 Mike Nichols V 1 Comment
149 Peter Bogdanovich
150 Bob Rafelson
151 Paul Schrader
152 Nicolas Roeg

'Insignificance' is one of the most over-looked masterpieces of modern cinema.

153 Donald Cammell
154 John Cassavetes
155 Alan Rudolph
156 Luis Bunuel Luis Bunuel Luis Buñuel Portolés (22 February 1900 – 29 July 1983) was a Spanish filmmaker who worked in Spain, Mexico and France. more.
157 Francois Truffaut
158 John Landis
159 Jonathan Demme

He's very underrated in my opinion. he has directed films such as the Silence of the Lambs, the Manchurian Candidate, and Philadelphia.

V 1 Comment
160 Walter Salles
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