Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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161 Otto Preminger
162 Ken Russell

'Tommy' and 'The Devils' are groundbreaking movies. 'Altered States', 'Crimes of Passion' and 'Mr Nice' are totally underrated, but excellent films, too.

163 John Schlesinger
164 Eric Rohmer
165 Ken Loach
166 Adrian Lyne
167 Lindsay Anderson
168 Howard Hawks

One of the most influential director's of all-time. The Big Sleep may be the greatest film noir of all-time.

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169 Julian Schnabel
170 James L. Brooks V 1 Comment
171 Luc Besson

The Professional? The Fifth Element? Nikita? The Big Blue? These are just examples...

The Professional? Nikita? The Fifth Element? The big blue?

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172 Elia Kazan

Not having this man on the list yet shows a total ignorance of the history of American Film. Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, Gentlemen's Agreement, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - ever heard of these movies? Most film historians and modern directors would place him squarely in the top 5.

To the visitor - I think you may need to consider the age group and focus of the majority of active users here. Participants determine ranks on these lists. They're knowledge generally doesn't include art from that era, exception being some music. - Billyv

173 Kathryn Bigelow
174 Lina Wertmuller

She started as Fellini's assistant and directed herself great movies like 'Love & Anarchy', a brilliant Italian 'black comedy'.

175 Jane Campion
176 Jerry Schatzberg
177 Roger Corman
178 Paolo Sorrentino
179 Guy Ritchie

Best British director of our time. One of the best directors of noir-action-crime films in that there are no others like them. Truly original and a brilliant rejection of Hollywood conventions.

Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver, RocknRolla and Sherlock Holmes and its sequel

the guy is a legend

180 Shaji Kailas
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