Stanley Kubrick

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Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. He is frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential directors in cinematic history.


Stanley Kubrick is the Greatest Film Director of all time. Because every single of his movies are in some way iconic. They are all regarded as Classics. Steven Spielberg has had some serious failures, but not Kubrick. He's the only filmmaker who's work is consistent and good every single time.

I get that people appreciate directors as those above, but come on. Kubrick makes art. Isn't that what film really is? Art? Nolan is a little overrated. Spielberg too, but he's still great. As for Upendra, I have no say; I never watched any of his movies.

I can't believe that this genius is only number five. You can immediately tell a Kubrick film from others, and he influenced or inspired almost every director above him on this list. - Virtuoso

Quiet possibly the greatest filmmaker in all of history. He truly deserves to be higher. As should Tarantino who is almost as brilliant. However, Kubrick is almost certainly the most innovative director in modern history.

Kubrick made arguably the greatest comedy (Strangelove), the greatest horror (Shinning), the greatest SciFi (2001), the greatest war film (Full Metal) and greatest artsy film (Clockwork)... NO ONE else mastered various genres... Spielberg close, but not like Kubrick.. He set the standard for each genre. Scorsese knows how to make mob movies... That's it...

Stanley Kubrick has changed filmmaking forever and for the better.

Spartacus. Lolita. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. 2001: A Space Odyssey. A Clockwork Orange. Barry Lyndon. The Shining. Full Metal Jacket. Eyes Wide Shut.

What more can you ask for? Kubrick is art. Kubrick is cinema. Kubrick is life. Kubrick is king. Kubrick is film.

His oeuvre is unsurpassed in terms of pure unfettered self-expression. He invented a new cinematic language that will never be equalled. The Master.

This list is rigged. Upendra should not be No. 1. This is the Greatest Film Directors of ALL TIME. Kubrick is No. 1. Maybe Upendra might be No. 1 in Indian cinema, but not OF ALL TIME.

A visionary, a pure auteur. I don't think there's really more I could say that would sum Stanley Kubrick up, because he was a director that couldnt be "summed up".

Who's Upendra? Did all Indians vote for him?

Has written and directed some of the greatest movies of all time a clockwork orange, the shining, full metal jacket and 2001: A space odyssey

His films had an ironical value about societies ills. The greatest director that graced our planet. If you want to watch his films start with paths of glory

What can not be said about this absolute genius? All of his films are heartwarming, surprising, engaging, sad and funny. He should definitely #1 on this list. - Awesomedoodlebug244

He is the reason why Hollywood is actually Hollywood... All the great directors study his films and no one can deny it... The greatest innovator ever born...

You can't deny the brilliance of his films, and the films and techniques he's inspired over the years.

Not a bad film in his name, done more for the film industry with technology and innovations than anyone else. deserves the top spot by a mile

I've heard he's rumored to have Asperger syndrome (a form of high functioning autism). this is because he had strong interest in filmmaking, didn't get along with most actors on set of his movies (especially in the shinning, although jack and him got along), and wasn't really a people person.

What's fascinating about Kubrick is his versatility, from detailing horror and violence in tandem with wonder and pure astonishment

Exceptional allegorical directing with tremendously and precisely appropriate scene transitions!

The Master of Cinema, Stanley Kubrick changed forever our perception of motion pictures, all his movies are simply perfect. - FedericoGuzman

A true visionary with more dedication to his craft than anyone as well as changing the way we look at films in every way.

Dose Not Need a debate people talk about Chris Nolan's mind bending films well Kubrick practically invented that

The scope, grandeur and versatility of his work is unparalleled.

His movies are so incredible, different yet amazing. He is the god of all directors and will always be my favorite. - Beatlesboy9

Kubrick has inspired every single director still to this day with his art and imagination. He's just brilliant.