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21 Noctis

Just look at him.

He should have been one definitely

Should be number 1

He is best - Coyote1

V 4 Comments
22 Terra

First female ff main character!

23 Red XIII
24 Wakka

How can you not love listening to a Caribbean sounding Bender, ya?

25 Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa Heartilly V 1 Comment
26 Barret

How is he not number 1 he is epic

27 Seymour Guado
28 Caius Ballad
29 Ashe
30 Gabranth V 2 Comments
31 Firion

Final Fantasy II was amazing and just the sheer fact that Firion was not bound to a single job or occupation, made him that much more of a versatile character.

Other characters may have an objectively better story, but it is a fact that Firion is the first FF character to have personality. And that is respect.

32 Kain

Kain is a deep, emotional and misunderstood character. He makes some mistakes in life, which makes him seem human and relatable towards the player.

Kain Highwind is the best he made the dragoons popular. What so good bout cloud anyway he is a cry baby BUT KAIN IS BEST - rockisgood132

33 Moogle
34 Hope Estheim

He is so beautiful and affects the storyline so much, in all of the instalments of the 13 games. My OTP in final fantasy is Hope X Vanille

35 Oerba Dia Vanille
36 Angeal

Without Angeal There Is No Buster Sword

37 Paine
38 Ramza Beoulve
39 Seven (Type-0)
40 Sabin Rene Figaro

I always identified the closest with Sabin. He is a man of freedom, strength, and passion. Gave up the throne to fight. Such a stud. He deserves a higher place for sure.

Can anyone say "Final Fantasy's version of Guile" - xandermartin98

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