Kefka Palazzo (FF6)

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Come On No one but Kefka and Sephiroth Deserve to even be on this list. Kefka Became A GOD not god like A GOD! And He killed a Hero, hmm who else can Claim that they actually killed someone with there own hand in there Game? He is a lying cheating Cruel Hateful maniacal Psychopath with more emotion and pure Hate then any other Final Fantasy Villains, while many Villain if not all in the Final Fantasy franchise where stoic and down right emotionless Kefka was Dancing Mad 24/7 year round. Sure he didn't have a over sized sword or looks but he was the only Final Fantasy main Villain that became stronger as you did. At the begin of the game he just a Joker with a morning Star and no magic but by the End of the Game he is GOD. And lets face it he did Kill Countless people during the game. He literally was the most insane and non-mundane final fantasy Villain ever created.

Kekfa in FF6 didn't simply become the "main antagonist", instead he literally became the source of all magic in the world of FF6. A villain so heinous that we would slaughter any and everyone who got in his path. A villain so maniacal that he was his own comic relief. A villain so intent on his goals that he actually succeeds. Yes, one could argue that Kefka actually was successful, opposed to the other FF villains who simply attempt and fail.

Additionally, it helps that Kefka is hands down the best written villain with dialogue that can be taken both seriously and can make you laugh. While the concept may not be the most original (Joker! ) square certainly ran with the idea to make the most successful villain in their franchise.

Sure, Sephiroth may be the most iconic of the series, but fame doesn't make something the best. Being Kefka does. Sephiroth seemed to be completely evil because he stabbed a girl that was completely alone with no safety whatsoever. Yeah, cool. That's bad and stuff, but it doesn't even come CLOSE to Kefka.

First off, instead of killing one single little girl, he worked (and scandled) his way up, then killed a general, became a god and destroyed the world. Killing nearly everyone in the world, demolishing anyone and anything that stood in his way, and even destroyed stuff just for the hell of it. When Kefka was done, it seemed (even to the protagonists) that there was no hope left. Nothing could save the world. Kefka had wone. Game over. Go home. You could sense that this man was pure evil, nothing else. Just evil. Everyone loves Sephiroth, but everyone HATES Kefka. And that's the most brilliant thing: he simply has no redeeming qualities in his behavior. That fact, and that fact ...more

Maniacal, ruthless, whimsically destructive, and absolutely insane. None of the other villains even compare on the subject of villainy. Seph simply was chasing after his mommy and only caused a swathe of terror on his way to her... Kefka actually destroyed the world and then ruled over its ruins as a god. He is an actual murderous sociopath, poisoned all of Doma killing men women and children, then murdered his colleague General Leo and eliminated witnesses so he could take his place, then murdered his emperor when the time was right for him to seize power, and in that very moment after killing his emperor he decided to destroy the world immediately killing countless more. Sure other villains looked cooler and had more gimmicks, but none of them are more villainous. None of them.

Kefka was crazy, maniacal, brutal, and liked to do everything in his own way. He seemed to be having his own way to define his pleasure by obliterating and creating chaos anywhere he went. He even destroyed the world and left it to ruin. No other ff villains acted as he did, and I personally vote for him not only as the worst bad guy in the entire ff series but also due to the fact that such complicated character he was which makes him the perfect, annoying evil being anybody would hate.

Beating Kefka means nothing because he wanted to die. In revealing hia beliefs about the true meaning of life, he realized his life was just as worthless as everyone else's. The final fight, to Kefka, was merely a fun game before he decided to die. He allowed the player characters to defeat him. You really think he wouldn't have used Light of Judgement on you if he didn't have a chance? Kefka is the greatest villain of all time, no doubt.

YEAH! KEFKA PALAZZO! People like to dismiss him as a "Joker ripoff" when they haven't even played Final Fantasy 6! He was MUCH MORE than a "crazy clown"!

Let's start with backstory: He was among one of the first Magitek experiments and he succeeded, but with a cost:his sanity. He never learned how to love and find meaning in life due to being raised in a military threshold. This makes his story very tragic as he believes that things like hopes, dreams, life, EVERYTHING is meaningless.

AND HELLO! Kefka poisoned Cyan's village, he even overthrows The Emperor of Gestalt AND BECOMES GOD! He even RULES OVER THE WORLD FOR A YEAR!

HOW IS THAT NOT A VILLAINOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT?! Besides, he also proved his own nihilism in the end by HAVING THE HEROES DESTROY HIM! - EveLeech

Though he may no have been the most memorable, he sure had something the others didn't: personality. Unhinged, malevolent, devious, and downright creepy, this villain always wavered unpredictably from 'laughing first and then killing you' to just outright killing you'. His 'evilness' wasn't as if he hated the world in general, but rather he seemed like he had a personal, unhealthy, hatred for each and every living thing.

Kefka shows off immense levels of maliciousness, cunning, and insanity that is not rivaled by any other FF villain. He is without compassion and most importantly, he succeeded in his goals. Even in death, Kefka could die knowing that he left the world in utter chaos and destruction, something that no other FF villain can claim.

The reason I like him he best isn't because of how over the top he was, nor his reasoning for existence, but he is the only villain to succeed in his goals. He set out to destroy the world, and HE DID! Not to mention god of Magic. So people, you can say he's overrated and such, but he deserves the number 1 spot.

"Life...Dreams...Hope...Where do they come from, and where do they go...None of that junk is enough to fulfill your hearts! DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION IS WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING! DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY! LET'S DESTROY EVERYTHING! "

Best. Death scene. Ever. - xandermartin98

This psycho clown is the best because he actually succeeded in his plans. Usually villains sit on their asses and wait to be defeated. But this one? Oh no! He actually destroyed the world, killed lots of people and has the most awesome laugh ever!

Kefka was not only weird, he was extreme. He would kill you without blinking, he would pee on your dead body, he would laugh while doing it and tell you that he hate, hate, hate, hate HATE you. Kefka would never stop telling how much he hates you.

This is Kefka people he meets all the requirements of being a perfect Villain.
He's insane. Check.
He wears odd clothing. Check.
He has a rival in one of the hero's. Check.
He is a traitor and a liar. Check.
and the list goes on!

As much as I hold it against the creators for making a Joker rip-off, I cannot help but love Kefka. The guy is pure evil, only wants destruction and is the only villain in the series to get what he wants. This guy is a god, literally.

Kefka is the best video game villain of all time. I guess he shows that you don't really need a boring and unoriginal backstory in order to make an interesting character. Kefka is evil, destruction and chaos. His theme, Dancing Mad, it's just... wow. He's definitely the best villain, and even the greatest character in the entire series. His laugh will always haunt our dreams...

Because unlike the other characters on this list, he actually succeeds with his plan of ruling the world. In fact, I think he's one of the few video game villians in general to succeed in their evil plan.

Kefka is an amazing villain, in that he's not the anti-hero type villain you see in many Final Fantasies. He's really and truly evil, and hates everyone.

Garland may be able to knock people down, and Sephiroth's mommy issues may be somewhat interesting, but Kefka's got SAND ON HIS BOOTS!

Face its Kefka, the clown, eccentric, powerhouse, in one move he can instantly lower you hp down to 1 no matter one and not just you but you whole team

He's alright but his fandom is garbage to be honest - ParkerFang

"Kefka is mad, his theme is Dancing Mad, He makes the joker look like bozo the clown, He is crazy, wants existance to stop existing, and doesn't care, he kills for the laughs, he had two of his guards wipe sand off of his shoes AS HE WALKED THROUGH A DESERT, and he destroyed the world, technically twice he enslaved people, and performed genocide against espers, he is the most evil character there is. "

Simply the best villain in the whole FF franchise! He's cruel, ruthless, despicable and great!

In the end I voted for him because he si like the Joker, but Sephiroth and Kefka are 1 to me

What can I say? If you love actual villains, this guy's your villain of choice.