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21 Rude (Final Fantasy VII)
22 Cloud of Darkness (FF3)

She's the best. who else can look sexy and control the void. The void belongs to us. She's much better then any other character in dissidia. we lust for the void. hahahahahaha

Greatest Final Fantasy Villain ever in my opinion, shes my favorite FF Villain Ever! The way that she is and hides herself till the end, also part of the greatest FF Game ever, FF 3 was my favorite!

23 Vayne (FF12)
24 Nero (Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII)
25 Seifer Almasy (FFVIII)
26 Jenova (FF7)

The real Villain in FFVII

27 Gilgamesh (FFV)

Honestly he was better than Exdeath. - NuMetalManiak

Best battle theme and funniest villian in Final Fantasy.

28 Emperor Gestahl (FF6)
29 Zemus (FFIV)

While he may not be #1 material, Zemus definitely deserves credit. He controlled nearly every single part of the plot and had two of the main protagonists doing his bidding. He had everyone convinced that Golbez was the one pursuing the power of the crystals right until the very end.

His only downfall was that he didn't remove Cecil from the picture early, which literally every villain is guilty of.

This guys the real villain, who just sits in prison hiding controlling the characters of the game turning them into a bastard, that's pretty cool.

30 Shanttoto (FF11: A Shanttoto Ascension)

Her trademark laugh is one of the best things about her, aside from the fact that she can whup your butt anytime of the day. - sapphirewhirlwind

31 Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (FFXII)
32 Barthandelus (FF13)

A villain who was extremely involved in the story and had an extremely clever plan. Not to mention all three of the battles with him were very challenging. Barthandelus is by far my favorite Final Fantasy villain.

33 Shadow Lord (FF11)
34 Cid Aulstyne (FF type-0)
35 Wiegraf Folles (FFT)

A two-sided villain who uses his ideals of equality as his motives for fighting against the nobles��"he and his people were wronged. He knows what's going on, he understood how the world worked and how no one was truly good. He attacked the protagonist because he killed his sister, who also acted out of pride��"Wiegraf may not even be a "true" villain until the Lucavi take him.

36 Necron (FFIX) V 2 Comments
37 The Dark King (FF:MQ)

He was a green king and you had to beat his ass like 6 times to finally kill him. Plus this dude lived in effing Doom Castle. DUH!

38 Orphan (FF13)
39 Shuyin (FFX-2)
40 Queen Brahne (FF9)
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