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21 Mustang GT

When you thing car this one comes to mind

22 Fusion

Thing is durable, but issues are abound for my 2012 Fusion SEL. One issue is that when my tire blew, it killed the tire sensor. Also, check engine was on for a bit. My dad hit a deer with it, and the car only has a minor trim issue. Great car, though

My mom has this car and it's awesome has a touch screen nice sized trunk and great mpg

I have a fusion and I love it

Had a 2010 fusion se very very reliable. our local autoshop said its very good for 7 years old. no problems at all, and no money in broken stuff.

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23 Crown Victoria

I have a crown victoria and this car has a big engine and it is really powerful. Also you have to take in consideration that the crown vic p71 is used by most police departments in the U.S.

Crown vic is one of the best car that ford made. Strong, lasting longer than any other car that I have ever seen. It is also powerful. This car has amazed me.

Most reliable car out there. Big engine, full size, and still good gas mileage. And you don't look as ugly as you would in a focus or prius.

The Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis are some of the best Americans cars ever made. This should not be this low on the list.

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24 Capri Mk III

The best looking ford on the cool scales. Drink its looks in and you will be drunk on it forever.

This car was the british mans mustang, the poor man supercar.
It was an awesome piece of engineering. - kieron

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25 Futura
26 Shelby Cobra 427

The car that made Carroll Shelby a legend. Too bad he died 4 years ago (comment posted 2016).

27 Pinto

Ford got sued over Pintos because an explosion was usually caused when Pintos were hit on the back (because of the gas tank in the back).

28 '32 V-8 Roadster
29 Cortina MK3
30 Escort MK1
31 Lincoln Continental

My First Car was a 1982 Lincoln Continental. It was a great car. With the best leather interior ever. Damn I Sold the car around 1995

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32 Falcon

Best car for 65 years.

33 Mustang Shelby GT350
34 Model A Woodie

First hot rod. Started the performance race with that amazing flat head v8!

Not just the Woodie but the Model A in general is the best Ford car ever made.

35 Lincoln MKS
36 RS200 Evolution
37 Mondeo

MONDEO? Nobody heard of one?

Best Car Ever

38 Explorer
39 Excursion V 2 Comments
40 Edge Edge Adam Joseph Copeland is a Canadian actor and retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his time with the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he performed under the ring name Edge.

Yeah, why do you have the picture? Anyway, I like the Edge. My mom has one. It's really nice. - kittywarrior107

I think the guy liked Edge, so he put a picture of the wrong Edge! - DontMakeARookieMistake

What's with the picture of the wrestler?

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