Greatest Male Frontman in Japan

The greatest frontman in Japan of all bands. Japanese full name required.

The Top Ten

1 Hideto Takarai - L'Arc~en~Ciel

The sexiest voice in the world
I can't ignore that just can accept that
And his dance makes me crazy

You are the best singer ever

Great performer and good person

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2 Sakurai Atsushi - Buck-Tick
3 Toshi - X Japan Toshi - X Japan

Can't you forgot the frontman of one of Japans best and visual kei pionneers. He interacts with the audience more than most bands such as dir en grey and luna sea. There great frontmen and bands but he's in a different league! - TD17

The Last Live 1997 beat any other performance

4 Koshi Inaba - B'z

I think that his voice is amazing, versatile and also he's so sexy. I really B'z & Koshi.

Koshi is the best! He has a voice that reaches the heart. Plus he's so damn adorable and sexy!

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5 Itaya Tasuku - Zi:Kill, The Slut Banks, Craze

Tusk is the sexiest guy on earth! His crooked teeth make the acoustic sound in his sexy mouth! XD He has been so talented at singing since he was so young! sw cannot stop listen to Zi:Kill; also the best band in the universe, too!

Tusk(Zi:Kill) is crazy handsome and smart! His voice is much much much more handsome than he was, and also super sexy guy in the world.

6 Isono Hiroshi - D'erlanger
7 Motoyuki Otsuka - Dead End

dead end is one of the most influential bands in japan just like d'erlanger, x. he is also a frontman of creature creature, a session band he created - ronluna

don't just raise your votes dramatically and surprisingly, this frontman even influenced x-japan - ronluna

Morrie is sensational, legendary.

8 Hayashi Yasunori - Janne Da Arc
9 Nishimura Tooru - Dir en grey

Just so you guys know, this is Kyo's real name... He deserves higher, no one can sing angelically, demonically, scream, growl and more all in the same song like Kyo can. He is a God.

He looks like an angel
ans he can wonderful sing
and he has e wonderful voice

10 Hideki Imamura - Siam Shade

Siam Shade needs more love! - VirginiaisforME

The Contenders

11 Ryuichi Kawamura - Luna Sea
12 Minoru Niihara - Loudness
13 Baki - GASTUNK, Lip Cream, The Execute

He's the man that influenced Dead End. Nothing more to say. - saaarsdej

14 Takanori Nishikawa - T.M. Revolution, Abingdon Boys School

I'm a fan of heavier music... But wow this can can really sing! Looking at his studio to live comparisons... His voice sounds BETTER live. Much better to be precise... His voice is really balanced and can sing for a long period of time. - MeowMix

15 Tetsuya Ogawa - P'unk~en~Ciel Tetsuya Ogawa - P'unk~en~Ciel
16 Yukihiro Awaji - Acid Android
17 Tatsuya Umehara - 44MAGNUM
18 hide - Spread Beaver
19 Ken Kitamura
20 Ike - Spyair

Great vocals, charismatic presence, passionate delivery, cute smile..

Love their songs! He have a great voice and also have great looks! What else do you ask for?

You must listen to their songs SAMURAI HEART~Some like it Hot and Sakura Misutsuki all found in the anime Gintama! :))) and you won't regret it!

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