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1 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud is an American television game show created by Mark Goodson where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.

It's so exciting! It gets me guessing with the contestants. Awesome show! This will probably be around for a long time. I'm just trying to understand why it's not number 1.

This is the ultimate Mr Average show. It teaches you to think like everyone else. It's just guessing really basic words as if you were at a kindergarten. Got to admit, it is funny when it's some idiot's turn and they make the stupidest guesses. There was this one person who would always say "I'm going to think outside the box..." whenever they had no clue what to do. Steve Harvey is midget.

Family Feud is awesome. I ALWAYS try to guess the answers with the contestants, and Steve Harvey is quite the comedian. I wish I could be on the show!

It's a fantastic game show. - wisconsinboy

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2 Wipeout Wipeout Wipeout is a game show that was cancelled in 2014 series in which contestants competed in what was billed as the "World's Largest" obstacle course.

This show is so funny and winning 50 thousand dollars in one day is pretty awesome with out of this world obstacles and funny wipeouts I would love to be on this show just to see what its like, this should be number 1 for being the craziest game show

This is a great game show... Especially the British version with Richard Hammond - Clayttles

I used to watch it ALL THE TIME, until I was interested in other shows, someday I want to be a contestant. It doesn't matter what my ranking is, just being part of the show is a honer!

Oh ya that is just great I love the BIG BALL - 123wmx

The game show is very funny and it also have crazy challanges and creative obstacles that contestants have to face. They lost when they splash but still standed up in order to win. The animation sequence (involving stick figure versions of the contestants) is the best part.

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3 The Price is Right

It's the oldest running gameshow - Ajkloth

Every morning I watch this show. Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, and Drew Carey were equally special as host.

Have you seen Happy Gilmore?

I heart it, but I'm sorry. I like Whammy! the best.

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4 Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune

I watch it every day. Pat and Vanna are the best, they truly treat their contestants well.

My family watches it every night, and now we have to, because we are now wheel watchers.

itz fun 2 guess what the thing is - Razor79

They should bring it back (UK)

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5 Who Wants To be a Millionaire Who Wants To be a Millionaire Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is an international television game show franchise of British origin, created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steven Knight.

The only game show that needs true skill. The British version is the best, though. - yoloeee

I would say you also need skill to win on Jeopardy. Most game shows are luck though. In fact Family Feud rewards you for giving obvious answers.

I like the indian (that's my name) version - indian

I loved it as little kid. I am Czech, so I was watching the Czech version called "Chcete být milionářem? ". It had a great host. His name was Vladimír Čech. He had a great voice, and he could very easily make anyone unsure about the anwser he was 100% sure it's correct. He was later replaced by three moderators and the show was eventually cancelled. Now there is repetition of the show in T.V. and I love to watch it and to guess which answer is right.

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6 Jeopardy

Nothing is as addicting as this show, makes you appreciate really intelligent people. Even some of the contestants have become celebrities, like Ken Jennings, Brad Ruter, and Arthur Chu. What other game show can you say that about? Family Feud is fun, but this is your number one game show right here.

A lot of people told me you should be on Jeopardy, because I know so much. It's very fun to guess the answers, this and Wheel of Fortune are awesome ( Family Feud too). - Pony

in this show luck is not gona get you anywhere and this drives me crazy then people 100000000000000 dummer than me get rick because they are lucky - russian

Why isn't this number one? This is the reason the other ones are even there!

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7 Deal or no Deal

keeps me on my toes the whole episode. - missmegz93

That big guy gets me pumped - thebounty

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8 Weakest Link

Utterly a brilliant game show, the idea of players both cooperating and competing against each other was brilliant, and Anne Robinson was a fantastic host, even if you don't think it's the best game show of all-time, you have to admit it's the most underrated.

Really funny lines Love the woman when she said it not the man but where the heck is ninja warrior one of the greatest shows of all time def should be on here - ballaboi17

I remember this show. It was great

I loved watching this show with my mom as a kid - Jyoung777

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9 Ninja Warrior

Probably the hardest game show of all time (except maybe Takeshi's Castle and Who wants to be a millionare).

Is this even a game show, I don't think it is

I like Kevin bull when he does the course

I think this show is ok

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10 Match Game

The young people today just don't know Match Game. It's the best!

I love it and I cannot vote

Best game show of the 1970s - bobbythebrony

How is this not higher? Gene Rayburn made this show hilarious.

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11 Survivor

This is my favorite show ever for so many reasons, but it isn't really a game show, so I didn't vote for it (as much as it bothered me).

I agree it's not a game show but I love it!

Great reality show

Some seasons were bad

But overall amazing loved season 10

Not a game show... best reality show - cameronduda4president

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12 Takeshi's Castle

What could possibly be better than a crazy Japanese game show where 100 contestants get picked off one by one on such sadistic challenges with hilarious wipeouts? Oh yeah, get a Scouse to narrate it. Winning combo.

Yeah! the best crazy japanese game show there is.

My favourite game show :D

Not only a game show but it also have adventure-type game show the only have to do was to win each challenge to get into Takeshi's Castle (such as mazes, Wipeout challanges, etc.)

The last challange was similiar to some bump cars that most kiddies like you will remember.

But sadly the problem is: No one can win this game show and it is possible to beat Takeshi.

It also have a guide to some sort of Captain who accompanies the contestants and he may battle with Takeshi in most occasion.

If your Japanese you shall need to join again and again when you lost.

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13 Press Your Luck

Made way for Whammy... only the best game show ever. - Turkeyasylum

14 The $100,000 Pyramid

I love dick Clark, I love game shows with word riddles, watch it some time.

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15 The Newlywed Game
16 Figure It Out

It's a great show. You get to guess a person's amazing talents. This just gets me guessing the weird and crazy talent. It's even kid-friendly!

Awesome show I love it when they all get slime

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17 Pointless

The complete opposite of Family Fortunes, Pointless is about finding the most obscure answers to various surveys. - Dale

Always good fun and it's great that contestants have a chance to show off their more obscure knowledge. - Entranced98

18 Minute to Win It

And very fun game to play on your own too. Just get a timer and things that take about a minute to do.

19 Family Fortunes
20 Cash Cab

Awesome show can't believe it went off air used to love watching it

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