Inspecting Long Lists #13 GSN's ''The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time'' List

htoutlaws2012 Hello again everybody... this time we at something that has rarely been seen fully since it has aired on its own channel back when the lineup had amazing variety of you guessed it gameshows. Out of curiosity I couldn't find what the documentary had looked like, but back in 2006 this occurred, and its a bit of ancient worth some time to chat about. These are what they call The greatest gameshows of all time.

#50 Three's a Crowd: Starting off with one I have no knowledge of comprehending what the goal of it had to be about. It aired from 78-80, revived in 99-00... I got nothing on this one based on its short lived existence.

#49 Treasure Hunt: I only seen an episode of the 70's version, but never the original... consideration I saw it once I didn't get it as much.

#48 Blockbusters: Oh hey there making a rental comeback? No, but seriously awe... the goal is to connect with five white, or red colors in the time limit to beat the gold rush. That's basically it its very okay.

#47 Studs: By the title i'm assuming its a dating game... well hey what do you it is. The commonly used formula for anything, and this was early 90's. Even Newlyweds pulled this off better, and that was before this.

#46 Hollywood Showdown: I caught two episodes of this at night when GSN did air this on reruns its a pretty creative gameshow where seven contestants compete in trivia style pacing, and it was for a week tops that's not bad for something that had potential to be popular.

#45 Shop'til You Drop: Here we go now we get to one i'm very familiar with, and pretty low on the list it lasted a good long period of the 90's, and had a short lived return in the mid 2000's. They go around various obscure named stores all over the states some end up being notable later on. This is one of the few where you have a coin toss to decide which of the two contestants would go first. Whoever would would be battle tested by physical initial prices shown where one of them performs while the other must apply the amount in the most creatively done ways. Its pretty good... I'd say much better than to be at the lower end of the list that's for sure.

#44 Truth or Consequences: This is one gameshow that I was never exposed to since it was way past my presence in gameshows, but it did hang in there for a good 2 decades plus hiatus in between the two revivals briefly in the 70's, and 80's.

#43 TatleTales: This one gave me a bit of a Wheel of Fortune vibe the way the colors corresponded, and also that yes you could say what you do in the life with the spouse which depending on that episode can be a bit nutty, but it got old real quick. I caught an episode on the Buzz channel it got old real fast.

#42 Queen for a Day: The show is basically do you wanna win a beauty pageant which shouldn't qualify in my estimation.

#41 The $198 Beauty Show: Oh great back to back shows I don't really care for, I like Rip Taylor, but in this he comes off like he can't save the show for his life even if he tried to with valiant effort.

#40 Twenty One: Hmm... sounds familiar, but the only thing that is are those dumb memes about it. It was hosted by Maury huh well that's probably why its on this list the power of a lie detector test told the truth of this placement.

#39 G.E College Bowl: Back in the day if you played in a bowl game you were tested off your knowledge on this gameshow its okay, but if it was rebooted I guess I wouldn't mind it since I never seen any pieces of it.

#38 Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck: hmmm... the short lived revival that was pretty decent on its own accord, and has that originality still there.

#37 Greed: Severely underrated that was hosted by the great Chuck Woolery, it had similar aspects to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (which is likely to be higher on this list). The difference though is that there are a team of six contestants, and their representative captain of choice. After being on a hot streak than your given increase of ''tower of greed.'' Here's a pretty cool twist though if the captain chooses to continue up the ladder the terminator is activated meaning the time is going against you now over fellow team member in an act of betrayal option the true act of wealth ladies and gentleman. Pretty fun, and cool maybe needed a bigger audience for its hype that I fought delivered despite being relatively vastly resembled some things of one other gameshow already pointed out.

#36 Remote Control: Oh hey MTV's one bit hit game show made the countdown alright not against it... will Double Dare have a crack at the list I wonder?

#35 Beat the Clock: I'm alright with where its placed since yes you simply beat the clock in the given time limit, an that's it. It does its job, but not for me to invest enough into it.

#34 Sale of the Century: Yeah now this one definitely qualifiers, and one that has been severely imitated overtime. Many satire shows with a different name, but not entirely as they have a ''board.'' This includes which of the nine would you be tempted to go after.

#33 Dog Eat Dog: Basically the show did feel very much like a clone of yes Fear Factor. Where the contestants is going into psychical competition to earn the money at one point they even got sued thanks to a male participant losing brain damage from one of the competitions he played in yikes. While its the only physical type gameshow on the list while not Guts, or heck Legends of the Hidden Temple?

#32 Tic Tac Dough: Obvious by the title its a Tic Tac Toe style of a gameshow, but i'll get to one later that definitely earned a spot for sure, but Dough to me felt like yeah its just your standard play with a pal game only you answer some trivia, and that's literally the game.

#31 You Bet Your Life: Well it did have its own creativity at least with what they ended up working it did well in ratings, but than again the one version that's be lost in the vault entirely is that Bill Cosby hosted the 90's version, and we know how that ended of a fallen icon gone wrong.

#30 Card Sharks: I definitely remember this one because it always aired way in the morning on the network of GSN. Its like dealing at a casino, only the only gameshow in existence to do that in this style where if you draw a blue you are pretty close to winning it all. Like all gameshows you gotta be paired against one another, and if it came to sudden death than it results in trivia knowledge. It does a great purpose, and is a great spot in the top 30 for sure.

#29 Scrabble: Based on the board game, and honestly I don't care to search out for this since I never cared for something that may seem like an attention grabber for those in Elementary fine, but just no I won't do that i'm surprised it even got a gameshow version adaption.

#28 The $64,000 Question: While it is considered a pioneer for another infamous gameshows... it was very okay at best, and I can see why it only lasted 3 years in the 50's. Its a bit too high even if it did technically build up others to come that were better executed in style, and excitement.

#27 Win Ben Stein's Money: Awe the only Comedy Central gameshow to make the list where it was the first time anybody heard the name of Jimmy Kimmel doing the announcing early on in his career, while the great, but dull personality Ben Stein hosted this gameshow. This one has more high stakes pressure than many of the ones higher than this gameshow. It even shows in Round 1 anybody can passed it based on a sole question. Round 2 plays like most others win whatever you need to advance into the bonus, and yes you could go away with Stein's money a it has a interesting dynamic, but seeing in the top 30 is a bit high since it is winnable.

#26 Deal or No Deal: I definitely loved Deal Or No Deal, something that was new, and fresh, and it was hosted by Howie Mendel. Its near a perfect placement considering I wouldn't rank it too high, but being top 30 is pretty good, and I completely agree with it sitting within that range.

#25 Password Plus & Super Password: Yeah absolutely it should be here, but the problem is if Password is higher than we come to a big problem with the placements of lists of certain separation in between similarly related shows such as this formulaic one.

#24 Win, Lose, & Draw: In the late 80's this gameshow would appear on NBC, then eventually of syndication obscurity. Win, Lose, & Draw played under two different styles of game in which the original you could have ''One member of the team playing had 60 seconds to draw a person, place, thing or phrase, and all the partners had to do was to guess the solution.'' the second format has this 3rd degree feature where ''Also for a brief period, there was one celebrity and two contestants before reverting back to the original two celebrities & one contestant.'' I gotta say for a drawing type gameshow why not have it be an actual famous artists test it out than you have potentially a top 15 argument made right there.

#23 The Joker's Wild: Well considering I never seen an episode of the original adaption... seeing it with Snoop Dogg pleased the case why is it on TBS for if it hurts its ranking at 23 if redone would be near the bottom of the list.

#22 The Weakest Link: I've got plenty to say about one of my personal favorite gameshows back when I was born I was like 5 and loved The Weakest Link ever sense. Too bad it had a short run in the U.S, but in the U.K its massively over as it should be what trivia gameshow has a queen mean host that absolutely owns you by getting absurdly easy questions wrong. Just brilliant top 10 for sure, but my personal bias top 3 even. It holds really well overtime, and got many different tweaks to it even from many different special occasions.

#21 I've Got A Secret: While its old, and primitive this can't be better than the last entry. Its your typical elementary days of playing a secret game you can't give away, and that's it. I don't see how this beats most of the gameshows it has outranked. I mean yeah its one of the only shows to have the Colonial Sanders appear, but still this is quite high on the list.

#20 Concentration: Of all these… how pretty fitting that Concentration gets the most explanations on how it went over the years it lasted from 58' to 92' in a on and off channel swap with various back to NBC wonder how that was, but nevertheless arguably the most infamous version of all of these maybe the one to do with Alex Trebek. Yes Trebek did something in between his height popularly of still currently running jeopardy. ''Two contestants sat before a board of 30 squares, which concealed the rebus, names of prizes and special squares. There are action cards used in the show in which if there revealed to win that prize, or be taken away its how good your senses ended up being testes so in a way the mind tactics does show how brilliant the gameshow could be, but not sure if it for everybody.

#19 To Tell the Truth: I feel like I see this one pop up, and I think imagine if Maury has hosted this gameshow instead of that other one that failed in 2000 maybe than there would of been some great gag jokes to be had there. Literally is the person telling the truth game if he was the lair Povich would of been the perfect host for this gameshow alas though.

#18 Love Connection: Like the one way early in the list its a dating game, and one of the better ones out there. Apparently this might of been an inspiration to The Bachelor. In which case seeing a 1, 2, and 3 certain was the typical formula that you could use, but not totally be absurdly identical to that style otherwise there are problems to be had.

#17 Name That Tune: Just simply name that tune of song, that's the basics of the game itself. It worked for its time, but quite a generic title name for a gameshow.

#16 Lingo: I'd liked Bingo it was probably my favorite of the GSN's exclusive shows that was pretty well done. I never caught the 80's adaption, but it had a ton of episodes in a short lifespan where most people have been exposed to the 00's return from the early to mid portion of the 2000's hosted by once again Chuck Woolery. The goal is to figure out the word in the given time, and get some chips to complete what is yes Bingo. A unique idea twist that works much better than a lot of the other shows they did more recently that probably would make a top 50 gameshows list, but not this high like with Lingo.

#!5 Password: Huh you combine two other concepts that are pretty much the same, but why not have all three since they made the list combine them instead of separate one without the other is a poorly constructed idea that throws off viewers when making a list this complicated.

#14 What's My Line: Indeed what's my line to say here... NOTHING! Moving on since I never seen this or care to say much into detail.

#13 Press Your Luck: Again like with Password why separate both Whammy version just combine them both as a whole than yeah 13 is justified thus eliminate the open spot for something missing from the list.

#12 The Gong Show: Personally I never got why it was a gameshow when it was more less getting yourself humiliated on live television to do this to win the money oh yeah that's great not. While it does feature a gong at least seeing Mike Myers host a revival is due for massive disappointment like that Guru Movie too soon.

#11 Hollywood Squares: Awe yes the awesome show where you place iconic big name celebrities into a real life Tic Tac Toe style very cool concept that needs to comeback right now.

#10 The Dating Game: Now this is the dating game that has spoof on all types of variety satire comedy shows to this day definitely earns it more than that one that just barely made the list that was nothing too memorable to earn a spot on the list.

#9 The Newlywed Game: Yes a honeymooners dream like show where yes your darkest secrets become revealed on this gameshow it works to a certain extent. It can be great when it wants to be, but there are times over the years when it does get revived here, and there where its dull at times, but being in the top 10 is very fair considering it has lived for a good 5 decades that's pretty impressive that's near Jeopardy level right there.

#8 Pyramid: Also called the commonly referred to as the $10,000 pyramid which yes is the original, but arguably the most iconic of all the different name changes it has had over the 4 year decade. Still ongoing, but not quite as widely as others thus I'd push outta top 10, and have it between 11-20 would be a little more fitting.

#7 Let's Make A Deal: Without Deal or no Deal, there wouldn't be Let's Make A Deal that existed for so long, and staying to course, but popularity has excessively died down. The gamsehow was oftenly refereed to as ''The Market Place of America'' for all the different types of deals you'll be given by the host most famously being Monty Hall. Its still has thet magic, but the viewership has dropped since however probably of the ones still around ranks nearest to low.

#6 Wheel Of Fortune: I don't mind seeing Wheel of Fortune here, and there when I do catch it sometimes it can be great when the player guesses it stupidly incorrectly. Figure out the puzzle of essentially a newer style of hang man only plot twist is that you get to spin the wheel in order to get the long phrase, etc.

#5 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: I use to think it deserves that high spot way back than, but with many different hosts, and changing the format of the show I don't know I'd place from top 5 from maybe top 15 if updated. Regis Philbin was incredible, Meredith Vieira was disappointing, Cedric was brutal, and Terry Crews was terrible. Now they have this new guy I forget his name, but that's good enough no more host changes you've already gotten worse with age just like Family Guy.

#4 The Price Is Right: Now if this ended like in 2007 than without a doubt Price Is Right would be number 1. ''COME ON DOWN!''
I mean it doesn't get any better than those iconic words being said as well as Bob Barker being an amazing host who also made a film appearance in Billy Madison to boot of his name. While Drew Carey is not entirely terrible its hard to live up to the great Bob Barker.

#3 Family Feud: Definitely top 5 undeniable great gameshow that has been on for nearly 4 decades, and has earned its top honors, and still has that humor that hasn't died off with its wacky answers the families give. It seems like whoever they put at host it fits in perfectly regardless.

#2 Jeopardy: Nothing like fine wine, and in this case Jeopardy never changes its always the same sure some may find it boring overtime, but you coming back to it every time when they do have categories that you may like, and it even had the greatest SNL spoof of all time enough said. Alex Trebek is the man, and nobody can replace this icon from what his doing to this day.

#1 Match Game: I can't be against them putting this as there greatest gameshows it did well in its time, and on its channels even as the highest rated watched of all of them. Its making a revival with Alec Baldwin as host which I have not seen much of currently, but for my money why its here is because of the great Gene Rayburn who was a fantastic gameshow host who was dedicated to this one gameshow more than any other while being aided by some some of the most memorable celebrities from the long lifespan that even got spoof like Jeopardy at one point or another.

There’s the list... now since this list has plenty of problems since 2006, and barely any clips online show any evidence of the list existence seeing that there were later gameshows that would become famous its fair to up date what my list would like more spread out. I'll briefly explain the newer choices.

Three's A Crowd - Baggage, Again I know nothing of that show, but starting with a show like Baggage might as well prove to be accurate.
Treasure Hunt - Chain Reaction, In terms of the more memorable gameshows Chain Reaction get the bigger nod over Treasure Hunt.
Studs - The Chase, surprising hit that works effectively on GSN when I did catch when I still had the network. It even has many different version from each countries which some other gameshows had critiqued as well.
Hollywood Showdown - Hollywood Game Night, for being the most recent of all of these to debut... its done a great job in both the competition, and gaining an audience that can identify with it completely with Jane Lynch as host it was somewhat of a surprise hit.
Truth or Consequences - Countdown, while it never made to the United States. It was definitely one of the better British gameshows out there that lasted a long time.
Queen For A Day - High Rollers, while not as memorable in comparison its pretty even the reason I included this one is that it was a hidden gem hosting of the one, the only, Alex Trebek.
The $1.98 Beauty Show - Ninja Warrior, Also called Sasuke in Japan this original version of Ninja Warrior while you don't win money its perhaps the most psychical of all of these. I enjoyed watching this back when G4 was in mid point of its climax. Its much more exciting to get pumped for rather than seeing crinegworthy by Rip Taylor who could been utilized better as a host.
TwentyOne - Gambit, Cool intro, as well as two different version from that time. It also inspired another gameshow called Catch 21.
Whammy! Press Your Luck - Legends of the Hidden Temple, How do you miss something this iconic for anyone who grew up watching the epicness of Nickelodeon gameshows, and this was near the top of the list.
Dog Eat Dog - Supermarket Sweep, Probably the most sited screw up at the time the list was made. (I’d say the biggest travesty is not seeing Supermarket Sweep when I was really young it made shopping cool in a gameshow.
Scrabble - Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, No not the video Game, nor its TV counterpart the infamous gameshow with its rockapella theme opening.
The $64,000 Question - Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, Sure it wasn't my favorite thing to see at the time, but there's times its pretty funny since it is Jeff Foxworthy hosting it might be good.
Password Plus & Super Password - The Cube, Well since part of the list is weird since they have the password shows all screwy than combine all three, and give room to a heavily underrated British show that has a lotta great innovative ideas.
Name That Tune - Double Dare, Again a classic gameshow from the nick era when it was the best network for variety, and anybody who seen it late 80's to early 90's now how amazing the original Double Dare was, and yeah all of its different renditions over the years too.
The Gong Show - 1 Vs. 100, I think its one of the best when it was airing, and even its game online version was pretty well popular back in 2009 it was an amazing experience. Your the ultimate survivor going against all the other 100 to outlast them all I always loved this difficult of a game.

There it is if there was a redone list I would hope it would be more like this than to have questionable placements taken spot of things that really should of been on the list it really felt more less 46 than 50 overall. Someday you wanna be on one of these gameshows, but when is that who knows.


Totally agree with you redone list - 2storm