Top Ten Greatest Game Shows of all Time

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41 Truth or Consequences

A city in New Mexico offered to change their name to this if the show took place there... Now it is still known as Truth or Consequences

42 I Survived a Japanese Game Show
43 Countdown
44 Big Brother

I know it's not really a game show but in my opinion it beats all the for seen list and I know it's even more of not a game show but I also really like big brothers bit on the side

Not really a game show more of a reality competition show but still great fun and really addictive. - Skyeguy182

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45 Red or Black?
46 Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!

It's Zany, wacky, loud, and leaps out the T.V. screen. Silly, yes, but so much fun,

47 Bowling for Dollars

The Los Angeles version was hosted by famous Lakers basketball announcer Chick Hearn during the off season. Spectacularly bad!

48 Cram
49 Hollywood Squares Hollywood Squares The Hollywood Squares was an American panel game show in which two contestants played tic-tac-toe to win cash and prizes.

That's my favourite game show, why not to be in top 10, because it's cool T.V. show, but it's cancelled 2004! I missed the show so hard! - AlexandraMoonDust

50 Lingo
51 Password
52 Baggage

One of the funniest game shows. Got cancelled because of the idiot host, Jerry Springer. - Turkeyasylum

53 Double Dare 2000 Double Dare 2000

I wanted to go on this show and go down the sundae slide. This was also the show where drake and josh first met and became friends.

54 The Dating Game V 1 Comment
55 Golden Balls
56 Card Sharks
57 Power of Ten
58 The Amazing Race

This show is amazing, it is underrated it gets more views than survivor which is 11th

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59 The Gong Show
60 Repo Games

This is a funny show!

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