Top Ten Greatest Game Shows of all Time

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61 The Gong Show
62 Repo Games

This is a funny show!

63 Whammy!

Whammy is amazing! I think it's amusing, and has everything for a great game show! - Turkeyasylum

This show rocks! Gives all kinds of prizes not just boring money! The whammys are always funny especially the double ones. It should totally be on this list

Put it at least top 20, below PYL

64 Uh Oh!

Just vote for it. Now.

65 Jeeto Pakistan

World best show I love it so much

Excellent show in the world

66 Legends of the Hidden Temple

Who the heck put Figure It Out ahead of this? This is the best way to say LET'S ROCK!

Should be higher on the list. This was the best out of all the Nick GAS shows.

67 Whats My Line

Who could forget Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, and especially John Charles Daly? Not to mention the celebrity guests with actual talent unlike the crap we have today. I have no clue why this show isn't higher up.

68 The Exit List
69 Bullseye
70 Friend or Foe
71 Password Plus
72 The $1.98 Beauty Show
73 QI

Come on, who doesn't need their dose of Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and various other comedians every once in a while?

74 Killer Karaoke
75 Webheads
76 Idiotest

I love this show so much it's fun watching adults make fools of themselves!

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77 Family Game Night
78 Celebrity Name Game

I think it's... below Whammy?

79 The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Yeha man. - coolguy101

80 Double Dare
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