Greatest Gansta Movie Ever

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1 The Godfather

The Godfather is a much better film than scarface by far. I don't know why scarface is ahead of godfather, godfather features a better overall cast and screenplay and amazing direction. - Chris-1

It boggles my mind that as i type this, LA confidential and Dick Tracy out rank the Godfather. The world is not right. Godfather = #1 Gangster movie. - gaki

a classic, I mean come on who doesn't like the godfather - Okami

Its worth watching this movie. probably the best one

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2 Scarface

one of best movies ever made. Ohhhh how sexy is Al Pacino in this movie!

3 L.A. Confidential
4 8 Mile

Eminem's first and best movie.
I loved his acting in it
And his battle with papa doc.

5 American Gangster
6 The Warriors
7 Boyz 'N the Hood

Boyz 'N the Hood is the greatest gang movie ever.

8 Dick Tracy
9 Get Rich or Die Tryin'
10 Goodfellas

this movie should be put up 2nd take out LA Confidential... its such a great gangster film with show stealing performance by Joe Pesci that guy makes me laugh all actors are great with great performances and a great soundtrack for that type of movie it all fits well together. Now 4 almost all the other films I would think everyone is like 13 in this... lol

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11 The Untouchables

Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, and Robert De Niro. Great movie about the takedown of Capone. - Freak_Show1

12 The Godfather, Part II

This is the greatest gangster movie of all time - diego19073

13 Gangs of New York
14 Gloria
15 Gridiron Gang

Half of it has to with gangs.

16 Casino
17 The Godfather, Part III
18 Smokin' Aces

Mostly about mob killing and stuff to with that. The action is too cool not be a top ten

19 Donnie Brasco
20 Pulp Fiction
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