Greatest Genres of Electronic Music

Do you love electronic music? So do I. That's why I'm making this awesome list. If you want to add various subgenres, go ahead.

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1 Trance

Best music electronic genre of all time. Should be number one, House was ruined when it started to become mainstream due to David Guetta and his pop sounding music. Trance has managed to evolve without killing itself definitely number one.

A wise man once said, "Trance is what feelings sound like. " Can't but agree! Trance is so diverse and emotional. It takes you out of this world.

The best not very popular anymore but really good represents AVB, infected mushroom...

Trance is more than just music to me. It's a part of my life. It's one of my passions in life. I have been listening to it since I was about 16 and I'm 38 now. Trance forever!

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2 Dubstep

Electro house, maybe, but progressive house is all so similar, and big room house is normally complete crap. Dubstep is more complex than house based on the beat pattern, and dubstep producers are diverse with it, making liquid dubstep, heavy dubstep and aggressive dubstep. My favorite song of all time is electro house though. - datrandomguy

Dubstep is some of the best electronic music I have heard. Although not the best for night clubs, I have seen some pretty awesome guys dance to Dubstep music!

Just because awesome people dance to dubstep doesn't mean it is good. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Dubstep is awesome, though it doesn't have as many really popular artists compared to house : (

Melodic Dubstep is the best in my opinion

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3 House

Should be no. 1 in my opinion. Progressive House and Electro House are my favorites

Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, Kaskade, Zedd, Daft Punk and many others contribute to this great genre. Vote it up!

I've seen that many artists of other genres make awful opinions of house and electro. Just because these ones have such popularity doesn't mean they are commercial at all. Yes, it is true that they are getting lots of promotion but you don't have to make critics just because this type of music is the favorite for most people. The feeling of listening house or electro is a fantastic experience, it turns you on, it makes you wanna dance or scream, that's music.

Electro-house is the best! I actually used to hate it, but only because I've never heard the work of so many great artists. Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Wolfgang Gartner are all pretty good, but the one artist that made me like house at all is OVERWERK. His music is unparalleled by any other electronic artist.

This is by far the best subgenre of electronic music... Have you listens to levels by Avicii, or Wake me up? This is no. 1, trance should be number 2

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4 Drum and Bass

The confines of drum and bass are looser than a lot of other sounds, letting it splinter off into hip-hop, house, dubstep or juke anytime it pleases, while staying true to the original sound system culture that took Jamaican global and paved the way for the darker side of modern electronic music.

There's nothing so flexible and artistic as Drum and Bass.

I believe drum and bass is very liberal. You have a fast-paced best and you layer on whatever. Jazz, piano, synths, vocals and it always works.

Discovered this only last year and it easily became my favorite genre of music. from the oldskool jungle to the liquid drum n bass, all of it is just pure awesome

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5 Techno

Techno coming in at number 20? Shows you the amount of idiots using this site. There's no better music than techno. Fact

It's old but never get boring

House 1 techno 2

Techno is the epiphany of musical emotion. It is so very powerful,and at the same time,it is gentle with your body,it caresses you like a lover.

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6 Hardstyle

Hardstyle is THE best genre of electronic music as it combines the best elements of Trance, Hardcore and nowadays even Trap or Industrial to create a genre of its own. If you've ever had the chance to listen to Hardstyle being played from a big soundsystem at a festival, you know how AMAZING the bass feels.

Hardstyle is a crazy legendary music genre which is held at rave festivals and has great melodies and beats in their music which is also great to dance to, the scene is ruthless. This music genre feels (mostly to me) as if it gives you a charge of positive energy.

The best song that influenced me to the genre was Noisecontrollers - Jaydee, It sounds addictive and the whole song has awesome vibes.

Best and most unique electronic genre out there with a lot of talented artists. Hardstyle kicks it all the way along with hardcore.

Hardstyle is love, Hardstyle is life

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7 Electro House

After thinking about it, this is my favorite. I realized how much of the music I was listening to was electro house. I like the heavy bass line that sounds a lot like dubstep, but doesn't wobble. It also always put me in a good mood. Despite its mechanical sound, it seams to still have soul. You just need to get used to it. And yes, electro songs can be considered "beautiful", you just have to get into it. It's my favorite genre ever right now. Second to only rock. - Slipperyjack40

This has to be a lot higher. House has its sub-subgenres, and this is its best. - PositronWildhawk

I love music that has a great melody and really makes you dance

Electro house 4 life

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8 Drumstep

I never really liked Dubstep, The older stuff was quite good but the newer Dubstep.. No Way, I hate it, as for Drum & Bass I was already into that genre. It wasn't till I realized the genre Drumstep and all of a sudden I got into that certain kind of genre, The thing I like about this genre is obviously because it's faster rather than slow, the bass is better, and the way it just is placed all together makes it a great genre.

A mix of Dubstep and Drum and Bass. How is this not top 5

Drumstep is obviously as you may've known a fusion between Drum Bass and Dubstep but the differences are is that Dubstep is usually around range of 138 - 142BPM's compared to Drumstep which is around 160 - 180 BPM's, another difference is that drumstep has heavier sub basslines influenced by Drum Bass and 'half time' percussion, snares, kicks or beats.

In my opinion I never really liked the newer dubstep that has been around but mostly preferred the older stuff and I'm also into B, but when I started to come across Drumstep I thought it was really good and since then I become interested in this genre.

If anything the best example for this genre would be Skibadee Feat. Lily McKenzie Never Gonna Break Sub Zero Remix

Some nice Drumstep/Halfstep tunes:
Tristam & Braken - Flight
Noisia & Phace - Imperial
Skrillex - Nothing Yet
Mefjus - Continuous VIP
Evol Intent - Ghost
The Upbeats - Drum Stop (ft. Armanni Reign)

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9 Synthwave

Amazing genre if you're looking for some retro sounds with an action beat and some good kicks. Lots of really nice synths, and some great melodic cords. However if you want something a bit more relaxing you can always look to vaporwave.

Highly underrated genre. Amazing synths and some damn good drums.

Future Genre

10 Ambient

Music made more for the listening experience than dancing. I would recommend this genre to any newcomer interested in electronic music even though he's not a regular club attendant.

Ambient and really any of the downtempo genres are my favorites. Ambient, Trip-Hop, Chillout, Electronica, Minimalist, Avant-Garde, New Age, and what I have deemed "electro-classical" where large, orchestral sections (usually strings) provide the backing music while electronic noises, synths, bleeps, beats, and ambient sounds are layered over top of it.
My favorite electronic song is "Frozen" by Madonna, which I put under "electro-classical."

Ambient, a genre that can make me relax, sad, happy, and scare me to death. Check out Biosphere-Substrata, and Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 by Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, and The Orb are also some artists to check out.

Sometimes this genre can be boring but other times it can be fun,relaxing and meaningful.I suggest this genre to people who really like classical music and are new to electronic music or haven't found anything good.If you want to listen to this I suggest you listen to "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin and "Extreme Ways" by Moby.Also the song Extreme Ways is a really cool combination of Ambient and Alternative Rock so I suggest you listen to it if you like Alternative Rock which is my 2nd favourite music genre(Electronica would be my favourite and Ambient is a subgenre of Electronica) so that's what I recommend if you want to start listening to this genre.-DarkBoi-X

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The Contenders

11 Chillout

Is lit at

12 Downtempo

Very surprised that it's not yet on this list. It's definitely one of my favourite subgenres. - PositronWildhawk

13 Trip Hop

I absolutely love trip-hop. It's so soothing. And it's easy to incorporate into other more commercially successful genres of music. - theOpinionatedOne

My favourite although I have to say my idea of what is trip hop is much less 90s and white than what a lot of other people think it is.


A balance between psychedelic - ambient -r and b - jazz -and sometimes progressive
Like post rock on rhythm
Listen to archive - massive attack

14 Synthpop / Electronic Rock

Synth rock and synth pop are better than dubstep why are they here - PanagosBoi

Genre of new gen. Most rock bands influenced from this genre and try to make electronc beat with the touch of rock by fusion of rock and electronic music this genre comes with great artist like 'Radiohead' one of the leading band in this genre 'Kid A' s masterpiece of their creativity with this genre another one is deepeche mode then Muse which recentley turned out in this genre electronic rock rules... ) - vishwarajvithuvivi

This was a genre that had it's roots in the 60's but it's current for has been around since the 80's and Celldweller and Blue Stahli have kept it alive.You should check out both of them.-LitSavage

This genre takes a lot of talent to make.You need to know how to play synthesizers,guitars and drums.I highly recommend Celldweller and Blue Stahli because they are my 2 favourite music artists ever.Celldweller's music is a really cool mix of Trance,Drum&Bass,Industrial and Alternative Metal.Blue Stahli's music is very similar except Blue Stahli has Dubstep influences instead of Trance.They are my favourite music artists and I suggest you check them out.-DarkBoi-X

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15 Glitch Hop

A mix of funky beats and sick dubstep vibes. What is there to not love. My recommended artist is Opiuo. He makes true glitch hop.

Best genre 100 %

Best genre.

16 Electronic/Synth Rock

It is already here as Electronic rock/synthpop but this genre is awesome though.-TheCoolGuy1

17 Progressive House

Have you ever listened to I Remember?

Nothing better than this!

Amazing. Just amazing.

One word...
DEADMAU5! - Slipperyjack40

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18 Hardcore

Hardcore is beautifully melodic and hard at the same time. It just fills you with energy and emotion.

It's fast and brutal... I love it... - sam117

Hardcore bitches, everyone love it.

Believe it or not, I grew up with hardcore... Accual hardcore (& uptempo), not happy/uk hardcore

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19 Intelligent Dance Music

Intelligent Dance Music should be added to the list, one of the most innovative artists in Electronic music Aphex Twin is a guy who know what he is doing, he writes his own programs and own many rare synths. Hope you will add it to the list, thank you.

IDM is more for the more thoughtful listener who wants food for thought yet can't resist an addictive beat. Eg. VNV Nation, Mesh, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, and Colony 5.

Not sure it should be number one but should be in top 5 along with techno, ambient, classic electronic(kraftwerk,tangerine dream,etc...) and electro.

20 Electronica

I haven't words for describe this... This is space where you can make everything.

Electronica sums up all genres on the list lol

Electronica is electronic music meant for concentrated listening instead of dancing.So basically it is an umbrella term used to describe music genres like Techno,Ambient and Industrial.Electronica can also be it's own genre too.I like Electronica better than Electronic Dance Music/EDM because EDM usually doesn't have good lyrics.The lyrics in most EDM songs are usually 2 sentences repeated 3 times.Electronica usually has more lyrics,better lyrics and deeper messages.Electronica also sounds a lot better.I highly recommend this for anyone looking for good electronic music or isn't a fan of it.Listen Electronica artists or artists that have Electronica influences.-DarkBoi-X

21 Future Bass

It's not too hardcore, so a lot of people can just enjoy the serenity of the songs while also hyping many others. It's a great genre that is overlooked.

I love Future Bass, it has a really melodic feel to all the synths which gives the track a more energetic vibe but still keeps its chill nature. making it just really enjoyable experience

I like the cute variant of Future bass.

A feeling of the Future.

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22 Goa Trance
23 Moombahton

This is best genre when it comes to dance music

Why is this so low on the list? Its new, it has a nice beat to dance to and its reaching the top of the chart for a few years now. Some song you may have heard but probably didn't know where moombahtoon are major lazer - Lean on, major lazer - watch out for this, diplo - boy oh boy and jack u - jungle bae

By far best genre of music to dance to

24 Progressive

Really good. Nice for relaxing too.

Progressive house/Progressive trance
Artists Include: Sander van Doorn, DubVision, Dash Berlin, Avicii, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold

25 Psychedelic Trance

Easily the best, most tripppy, put you in the 4th dimension music. If you haven't yet experienced psytrance you need to get yourself to a festival/party asap

22nd? Shuld be in top10! Listen to infected mushroom and azax syndrom.

26 Classic Electronic

For lack of a better term, this describes artists like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Gershon Kingsley, and other artists from the period and before.

It's unfortunate that this has been forgotten. - PositronWildhawk

Classic is not kraftwerk or tangerine dreams it's artist like morton subotnick or delia derbyshire other classic genre like music concrete and la mat young
Lol you guys are so young

27 Industrial

I love Industrial music, It is so cool and has not been polluted by record labels trying to market it as much as most other music genres. Trance is my second favorite style of electronic music but it is not even close, Industrial runs away with this one.

One of the best electronic genre. It's the hard stuff of this genre with a lot of talented bands!

Awesome genre of electronic music with talented artists like Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy.

Industrial is my favourite music genre because it just sounds epic,the lyrics can be dark but sometimes relatable and it is a genre of electronic music that sounds really awesome when combined with Rock music.Industrial Metal,Industrial Rock,Electro-Industrial,etc,it's all awesome.-DarkBoi-X

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28 Trap

You guys should try Jersey Club. Sounds good too.

This should be in top ten! For all those dubstep lovers, give trap a listen, the two genres are like cousins!

After Dubstep its Trap

Yep should be in top 10

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29 Deep House

One of the most timeless forms of electronic music. It often has an acoustic feeling, and even though it's mainly based for lounges, it can be danced to as well.

Underground Deep house is journey inducing. Simply the best for me.

Man, this is chill.

30 Darkwave
31 Illbient
32 Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

I like music that makes you get up and dance but also gives you a chance to fall down... - KDProductions

EBM is the coolest yet heaviest especially Harsh EBM or Aggrotech. Examples are Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Gendal and Tactical Sekt.

33 Dancecore / Hands Up
34 Electro Swing

Swing brought up to date, this varies from artists who stay close to the swing of the 30's and 40's, like Tape Five, to those who are more willing to experiment. Wonderfully danceable and full of joy.

Swing was great, Electro Swing ads a beat to it.

A very creative form of electronic music

Dope electronic music genre - waraypiso

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35 French House
36 Chiptune / Video Game Music

Does electronic music get any better than this? I think not!

Always fun to listen to especially in a car, go 8 bit!

The beginning of EDM

She, shirobon, chiptek, sabrepulse, the list goes on. Chiptune is awesome.

37 Rave

Isn't rave a type of festival thing, not a genre?

A rave is an event based around a genre of music. It isn't a genre itself.

It's a festival not music genre.-DarkBoi-X

38 Tropical House

Tropical House. The best for anything.

39 Big Beat

Best describes artists like The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers. - JuniorBlitz99

Chemical 🎧 Brothers 👀 outstanding 👍 - CARTMAN2

40 Future Garage
41 Alternative Dance

Cool electronic music genre - waraypiso

42 Chillstep

The few genres that are actually good. Screw dancing and that weird DJ starting with the letter S. In my opinion electronic music should not be danced to, so this is my favourite. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Lovely beats

love it

43 Electroclash
44 Electropop
45 Synthpunk
46 Witch House
47 Eurodance

Oh euro dance is extinct only because the radio doesn't cover them if we make euro dance a little deeper this far be the best genre of all time I mean house and ambient is in top 10 because the are deeper and more aggressive euro dance is a fun dance and happy music

Eurodance is great. Brings a great sense of nostalgia, and also it's really bouncy and quite light, a nice change especially after I've listened to a lot of house, drum and bass, trap etc - Aquaturtle

Eurodance forever! Great club material!

Eurodance is at 45-th place? Only 0.2%?
I have never heard of most of the styles above. This is some kind of silly joke I hope.

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48 Vaporwave

Combines every genre into one, amazing - Melvin_BigSmoke_Harris

49 Electronic Body Music (EBM)

One of my favourites along with Industrial!

50 Industrial Metal
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