Greatest Genres of Electronic Music

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41 Future Garage
42 Chillstep V 1 Comment
43 Electroclash
44 Synthpunk
45 Eurodance

Oh euro dance is extinct only because the radio doesn't cover them if we make euro dance a little deeper this far be the best genre of all time I mean house and ambient is in top 10 because the are deeper and more aggressive euro dance is a fun dance and happy music

Eurodance is great. Brings a great sense of nostalgia, and also it's really bouncy and quite light, a nice change especially after I've listened to a lot of house, drum and bass, trap etc - Aquaturtle

Should be Nr.1 in my opinion...why Nr.40?

46 Electronic Body Music (EBM) V 1 Comment
47 Industrial Metal
48 Breakbeat

Hey I MAke Breakbeat I'm Tmonstarx on Soundcloud please Check ME oUT

One of the best influences of Hip Hop in the 80's where the music was about bringing everyone together. The best influences from the scene where boomboxes, breakdancing and having fun unlike the southern hip hop scene now-a-days on the radio.
Best breakbeat artists include - Hashim, Afrika Bambaataa, Davy DMX, Dynamix II, 2 Live Crew, Cybotron

49 Electropop
50 Vaporwave

Combines every genre into one, amazing - Melvin_BigSmoke_Harris

51 Hi-NRG
52 Nitzhonot
53 Deathstep
54 Bass House

I've always been a sucker for music with a lot bass and house beats, this genre puts them all together! Favorite artists for this genre would be Ephwurd, Jauz, and Ghastly.

This should be in the house section. :P

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55 Tech House
56 Speedcore

Not the best. It is so fast and hardcore that may give you a headache.

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57 New Age
58 Frenchcore
59 Melodic Dubstep

This is my favorite genre. Very melodic, very happy, very good-feeling, it's just an amazing experience listening to it. It is truly the only genre to really make me actually feel. It should definitely be #1, but it's just not well known enough to be.

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60 Bitstep
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