Greatest Genres of Electronic Music

Do you love electronic music? So do I. That's why I'm making this awesome list. If you want to add various subgenres, go ahead.

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61 Melodic Dubstep

This is my favorite genre. Very melodic, very happy, very good-feeling, it's just an amazing experience listening to it. It is truly the only genre to really make me actually feel. It should definitely be #1, but it's just not well known enough to be.

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62 Bitstep
63 Bassline
64 Minimal Wave
65 Moombahcore
66 Oldschool Jungle

Londons black youths answer to American hip hop

Awesome? - waraypiso

With artist like Ganja kru, bizzy B, SL2 and slipmatt this wasn't just some 90s fad. In the mid 90s it was bigger than its older bother Drum n bass which is saying something for a sub genre of a sub genre

67 Breakbeat Hardcore

1993 being my most favourite era with the Jungle, Darkside and Hardcore sounds all colliding at the same time with a similar tempo but vastly different sounds and feel.

No need for funky effects or anything else, the music stands by itself, each track taking the listener on a journey - wherever that may be.

Back to the 90s this music was great with its drops and peaks, one artist I recall is uberzone, and the acid was great with it (lsd)

68 Drone

This genre should be a little higher on the list as its becoming more popular and its probably one of the oldest of the genres

So simple in composition, yet more powerful then any other genre of music.

69 Gabber

The father of speed core, terror core, soft core (pretty anything with core at the end of its name), hard style (unfourtanately), and many others. It spawned the most legendary rave of man kind, thunderdome 94-98. Listen to hocus pocus here's johnny for an intro to the genre.

70 Berlin School

The mother of many electronic music genres. Geniuses like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze are true pioneers of electronic sounds.

71 Detroit Techno
72 Noise Music

I'm talking about the electronic side, obviously.

73 Bitpop
74 Donk
75 Terrorcore
76 Disco
77 Metalstep

What's better than Heavy riffs and basslines?!

78 New Wave
79 Powerstomp
80 Dance Pop

I don't understand why this is at Nr.56, should be 2 (Eurodance is a bit better)

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