Top 10 Greatest Guitar Designs

Which legendary rock guitarist has designed the best looking design for thier guitars?

The Top Ten

1 Eddie Van Halens Frankenstrat Guitar

a amazing looking design
red with White & Black Stripes -

It’s my background it’s that good

2 Princes Symbol Guitar

This guitar is in the shape of the actual prince symbol -

3 George Lynchs Skull & Bones Guitar

what makes this guitar so great is that some parts of the design actually come out of the the guitar like its 3D and it has a great design to it also -

4 Gene Simmons Axe Bass Guitar

this guitar is in the shape of a Axe -

Where are the pics

5 Randy Rhoads Dot Guitar
6 Zakk Wyldes Bullseye Guitar
7 Angus Youngs Signature Gibson SG Guitar
8 Kirk Hammets Orange Burst Guitar
9 Matthew Bellamy's Manson M1D1

This guitar has a beautiful cracked mirror finish and a midi controller under the bridge to add to the overall look. I almost cried when it was broken in one of Muse's performance.

10 Tony Iommis Signature SG Guitar

whats so great about this guitar is the Cross frets on the fret board -

The Contenders

11 Jimi Hendrixs Psychedelic Vee Guitar

a colorful design that stands out and looks beautiful -

12 Michael Anthonys Jack Daniels Bass Guitar
13 John Petruccis Rock Discipline Ibanez
14 Dave Mustaine Dean Flying 'V'
15 Dave Mustaine Dean Angel of Deth II
16 Vinnie Vincent's Jackson VV guitar
17 Jackson USA SL2H Soloist
18 James Hetfield's ESP LTD Snakebyte
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