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161 Beautiful Disaster - 311

Nick Hexum and Tim Mahoney simply lay it down on this track... the entire song is great, but the two of them jammin togeather make it a GREAT SONG!

162 He-Man Woman Hater - Extreme

Complexity does not always mean beauty, but in this case definitely!

I my book, the best guitar riff ever. - mhosbond

163 Pieces - L'Arc~en~Ciel
164 XXX For You - D'erlanger
165 N.I.B. - Black Sabbath V 1 Comment
166 Seventeen - Winger

Wow! This riff is just amazing, rob beach was a way underrated guitarist!

167 Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

This song probably is Megadeth's most known song, this riff is catchy, easy and fun to play, and Mustaine is God.

This is probably Megadeth's most known song, this riff is really easy, fun to play and Mustaine is God.

Mustaine should have a lot of creds for a lot of good sounding riffs, this is one of them.

168 The Spirit of Radio - Rush

172? Really? It's at least one of the 20 best guitar riffs of all time, at least. - DavidBondra

169 Panama - Van Halen
170 What's the Frequency, Kenneth? - R.E.M.
171 Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent

Excellent riff...simple and in yo face

172 Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
173 Kool Thing - Sonic Youth
174 Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
175 You Know You're Right - Nirvana
176 Heaven's Drive - L'arc~en~ciel
177 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica

This song should be in the top 10! What's wrong with you people! This poll sucks!

178 In Your Face - Children of Bodom

The best melodic death metal riff ever in 97? - rock2metal

179 Marmalade - System of a Down
180 Eternal Rest - Avenged Sevenfold

At 40 seconds the riff just wants to make you jump and headbang

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