Greatest Guitar Solos of Rock and Metal

Restricted to rock and metal for an easier comparison of song styles. Please consider talent, originality, and technique for your selections of these solos. Really think and research before you vote. Thank you!

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81 Since I've Been Loving You - Jimmy Page

This is a wonderful attempt of Jimmy's to play a blues song and he really pulled it off. Due to the fact that this song is mostly based on improvisation, it makes a great live performance.

What? This is the one of the most emotional solos I've ever heard. Deserves a better position!

Jimmy Page's Solo in this song is better than in Stairway to Heaven. - malamJONES

82 Our Legacy - Sean Long
83 Mr Crowley - Randy Rhoads

This is one of my favorite songs yet alone one of my favorite solos of all time, deserves to be higher

I can't believe this solo isn't even on the list yet. Rhoads was a genius and this was his masterpiece

84 Starship Trooper - Yes
85 Rest in Peace - Nuno Bettencourt
86 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix

A track where Hendrix shows his full guitar potential and it's not in the top 10. - RandomGuy456

87 To All That Are Dead - Ben Savage
88 Bouree - Yngwie Malmsteen
89 Angel of Death - Kerry King/Jeff Hanneman
90 Back In Black - Angus Young

Should be #1! Malcolm and Angus Young=Best guitar duo EVER!

Angus young back in black he wasn't crazy or rushing the solo
He just did it in perfect timing with fast fingers
Bad ass solo in the middle & mind blowing solo at the end of the song



91 High Hopes - David Gilmour

One of the most underrated solos of all time. At least give it a try. - zxm

92 Beat It - Eddie Van Halen

Better than eruption (eruption 2nd) - gemcloben

93 To End the Rapture - Synyster Gates
94 The Best of Times - John Petrucci
95 Beyond the Realms of Death - Glenn Tipton
96 Nothing Else Matters - James Hetfield

Should be higher. - zxm

97 Mama I'm Coming Home - Zakk Wylde
98 Still Got the Blues - Gary Moore

Great solo. One of the finest guitarist but also one of the most underrated.

I agree Gary Moore had some very metal sounding pieces and an overall predisposition to metal. To me 'Out in the fields' is a great power metal song. Everything speaks metal: pretty fast and non-bluesy song, the riff is a stand-alone melody, the solo is a metal solo, lyrical theme is dark, and so on. One of the greatest songs I've ever heard. No wonder at least 10 metal bands did covers.

Hard to believe Moore was not already on the list. Picked this song as it features one of his classic solo's. Metal Heads should check out his G Force album which has Van Halenesque solos

99 The Fletcher Memorial Home - David Gilmour
100 In Pieces - Brad Delson
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