Greatest Guitar Solos of Rock and Metal

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141 Jerry Was a Race Driver - Larry Ler Lalonde
142 Whipping Post - Duane Allman
143 Geek U.S.A. - Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan is a highly underrated guitar player and is very good at what he does. I am disapointed that this song is so far down the list. Just look on you tube at one of his solos before he made the Smashing Pumpkins when was younger. And another great thing about him is that he doesn't think that much of himself like Slash and Joe Sattiani.

144 Bulls on Parade - Tom Morello
145 Bat out of Hell - Todd Rundgren

The song has 2 solos both great 1st around 30 seconds and 2nd around 7 minutes

146 No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio

Oh come on you can't be serious...
No Boudaries 139? That is probably one of the most difficult guitar songs ever written...

147 Wet Sand - John Frusciante

The solo in this is better than the one in scar tissue and dani California.
How come this is not even on the list?
It deserves to be at least in the top 20! Sad to see that so few people have heard this song

This is the best guitar solo ever because a guitar solo isn't just bout speed it's bout rhythum and that's what john does and it should be in the top 5 if you want to listen to a good solo then wets and is the one and by the greatest guitarist ever go on frusciante

148 Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton

One of the greatest rock masterpieces of its time.

149 Money For Nothing - Mark Knopfler
150 Badfish - Bradley Knowell
151 Walk This Way - Joe Perry

how could this possibly not be on the list?!?

152 Brighton Rock - Brian May
153 Burn - Ritchie Blackmore
154 Every Rose Has It's Thorn - CC Deville
155 Hellraiser - Zakk Wylde
156 Seven Nation Army - Jack White
157 Don't Keep Me Wonderin' - Duane Allman
158 Strange Ways - Ace Frehley

love that solo ace all about heart and soul street sound uses atleast 4 effects great sound

159 Kissing The Shadows - Alexi Laiho

Probably the best CoB song with one of the most technical solos Alexi has ever done.

160 Into the Sunset - Vinnie Moore

What an amazing song - All his solo albums a amazing and his contribution to the world of guitar is legendary. Love the UFO stuff his does as well - A great band member

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