Out Of Tune Lists #2: Greatest Guitar Solos

gemcloben This series finally returns! Gosh, it has been a while. Anyway, this list I read through and all the typical cliché solos on there hurt my brain internally... Anyway, here are all the problems that come with this great list ruined by awful items. Let's go!

So, first of all, number 1 on the list is Stairway to Heaven. Ah... See, I really love Led Zeppelin, and ever LZIV is one of the greatest albums to ever exist, but this song is not even the best song on the album. No where near. And the solo is one of the most boring repetitive ones I have ever heard. Shame Page is remembered for that solo and not Heartbreaker, his greatest solo, really the greatest blues rock solo: creative, original, brilliant tone, just think it is brilliant compared to Stairway to Heaven. Eruption is 2nd, but that is about the only good solo there. Now, Comfortably Numb. It is a great solo with a great tone, but it becomes repetitive and drags on way too much. Really sounds like 2 minutes of just random improvisation with no real aim, just going in circles. And again, Gilmour has some amazing solos, and a fabulous tone, shame they are all over shadowed by this. 4th place is a strange one, as Sweet Child O' Mine is one of the all time greatest solos by one of the all time greatest guitar players, but 4th is a bit much, and the song can be easily owned by many other solos behind it. And in 5th place, Hotel California. It is weird Sweet Child O' Mine and Hotel California are next to each other, as me and my band have played both live at the same concert, so I know the solos pretty well playing them on stage, and I think this is the same as sweet child o' mine, one of the best, but above even better solos. But when I hear it, it does remind me of me standing on that stage...

Now as a metal fan, I am no stranger to a good, unknown solo. And I am writing this post from an advantaged point of view, as I hear the unknown metal ones and the mainstream. So, here we go, the real best solos!
This following song holds many titles from my own opinion, best ballad, most underrated song, and even best song of all time. Return to Serenity by Testament, from the album the ritual. Now, everything about this solo is right. There is a build up before it, and then explodes into the most intense collection of notes and harmonics ever, and that was just the intro solo. The rest of the song is quite relaxed, and is the first half of the second solo. It is slow, relaxed, and has a great tone. It then has a very rapid build up into the most intense solo ever, full of shredding, distortion and never ending epic guitar licks. My next solo that should be much higher is one by Mark Knofler, and is named Sultans of Swing, and I am not talking about the simple studio version, I am talking alchemy live version. With the best build up of any solo, and the cleanest shredding of any guitarist ever, Yngwie couldn't do that. The song repeats things many times without being repetitive. Now, we have the ultimate thrash solo, and no, it isn't Kirk Hammett, it is Marty Friedman, with Tornado of Souls. Kiko plays it decently, but Chris is quite boring with the solo. But no one beats Marty. It starts with 1 single bent note, and goes into a mix between brilliant melody, and neo-classical shredding. Just amazing. Throughout the history of metal, there have always been lightning fast solos, killer distorted tones, classical influence, all mixed in with a bit of melody. But all these features originated by 1 man in 1 solo: Highway Star. Oh my god, this solo is the definition of metal before it was even a thing. Now we get to the most amazing solo of all time, by the most amazing guitarist ever, Floods by Dimebag Darrell! This solo has everything: emotion, feel, tone, harmonics, melody, and best thing of all, it is not able to be covered, as no one will ever get this solo and hit the notes right anywhere near the way Dimebag did, and I mean no one.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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