Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour


it should atleast be on top 5! and why is barracuda, livin in a prayer and bohemian rhapsody on here? sorry but this list sucks! - livinglegend

The Comfortably Numb guitar solo is on a different level than the other solos on this list. Stairway to Heaven's solo is pretty good, but it does not come close to the depth and complexity of what Gilmour did in Numb. When I hear the first riff from that solo, especially the Pulse Concert performance, it instantly steals me away from wherever I am and doesn't bring me back until after the song ends. In this version, every note played by Gilmour feels like a new experiment done to an old classic with masterful success.

I should probably never listen to this song while driving because the urge to close my eyes, air guitar on the steering wheel, and lose myself is too strong when this song starts.

The song and solo reflect the confluence of absolute genius from Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Both the guitar solos from David in the song have their distinct personality, yet highly complementary to each other. The second solo actually tells a highly imaginative story in itself, with sections that frame the meaning of the song in a powerful but unpredictable way. It is difficult to get tired of listening to this song, it is that deep and powerful. I predict this piece of musical genius will be appreciated for centuries to come, akin to the 5th of Beethoven. We're lucky to see it flourish in our lifetimes.

The second solo is this phenomenon of a guitar solo that conveys the emotion released by each note of this masterpiece. While playing less notes, Gilmour truly embraces the "less is more" cliche without blending in with other solos that try to embrace the same style. Especially powerful in light of the context of the song, the solo fades away as the listener begins to comprehend the descent into madness undergone by the protagonist of the song. Without a doubt, this is the best guitar solo ever crafted by human hands.

It's a masterpiece and even though page is my favorite guitarist I think that this solo deserves to be on top because there's nothing like it. the first time I listened to the pulse version of this solo it blew my mind I actually felt comfortably numb it moved me in ways that I've never been moved before. No one can play this solo like David does and if you don't believe me listen to the pulse version and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I don't mind this one coming next to Van Halen or page, but bon jovi, Metallica and slash? I mean, those guys are good, but no where near gilmour...

Stairway to heaven's solo is no where near to the ending solo of Confortobly numb, Neither any guitar solo on this list, Yes some are good and emotional like november rain let's say, But more than confortably numb? Sorry jimmy page, But the ending solo by David is just the best, Didn't feel overdone or out of the song's theme and was perfectly done, Each note hits the listener's soul harder than the previous one, When David claimed he is better than Jimi I think this in particular is the reason he said that, And Comfortably numb must be number 1 instead of Jimmy page solo because honestly, No competition, Even the mid solo of comfortably numb is better.

The guitar is meant to be emotionally evocative... Nobody bring out the feeling in a guitar more than Gilmour. He uses lots of unusual techniques, like step and a half bends, down bends, stops and rolls in way that if you try to play them your fingers wind up in a tangled mess. So many fantastic solos from Gilmour, but the second one on Comfortably Numb is his masterpiece.

David Gilmour is not the best guitarist of all time, but his unique style and distinct riffs make him one of them. He truly is the sound of Pink Floyd. The solos for Dogs, Comfortably Numb, and Time are my all-time favorites by him. Comfortably numb is easily the most notable, however. This song is instantly recognizable from any part of the song.

My favourite guitar solo is in Child In Time, but it wouldn't make any difference if I voted that on this list. Instead I decided to vote for this amazing song so it can get past one of my favourite songs Livin on a prayer that hardly deserves to be in the top 500 on a list like this. I also hope Eruption can get up on top before Stairway to Heaven

David Gilmour's achingly beautiful work on this track is just a small sample of his fathomless genius with a guitar. His work is always deeply rooted in mood and feeling. I don't believe that any other living player so expertly expresses the complexities of human emotion through a guitar. Simply the best artist to ever play guitar.

In the Pantheon of Rock Gods; surely David Gilmour is present. Other bands make music you listen to. If you are listening to Pink Floyd you are missing out. Many have heard Pink Floyd, few have "experienced" Pink Floyd. And by "experienced" I don't mean that you have seen them in person. Either you understand, or you don't.

Shine on!

The most emotional and best solo ever. Stairway is a close second, and eruption is cool, but I feel like this just captures more soul than anything else. Gilmour doesn't try to impress by hitting every string he can as fast as possible, he pours his heart into every note, and makes it feel like so much more than guitar.

Simply, WOW! While it's true that Stairway to heaven is brilliant, Comfortably numb is also equally or perhaps, on certain scales, much more splendid. Gilmour and Page are both geniuses - The former is of Space and Psychedelic Rock and the latter is of Classic Hard Rock. But still, this one will remain our all-time best. Won't it guys?

Both the solos of the song are, without a doubt, other-wordly! The first solo paints a grand picture of being comfortably numb and the second solo is about the mind fighting that feeling. Give Dave one note to play on a guitar and he will find a way to teleport you to another universe just with that note. The second solo is impossibly creative! Goosebumps all over every time I listen to it. We are talking about the "Greatest" solos here, not the "fastest" or the "craziest" solos. And, I find it hard to digest that Eruption is #2 or that STH is #1. Greatness is how you effectively use the fretboard and still never cease to awe the crowd. The tone, the bends, the squealies at the right time that give you goosebumps... Damn! Gilmour is a God.

Pink Floyd doesn't fit into any category. It is a category in itself. Just turn out the lights and close your eyes and you are taken to another world. They are truly the greatest band ever formed. Gilmore's guitar is so individual that you can hear just three notes to know who it is.

Comfortably Numb's solo proves that you don't need to shred to make the best solo ever. It is a deep, emotional, slow solo. David Gilmour plays it beautifully with so much emotion.

Just Listen to the Pulse version. Or the Columbian Volcano appeal verson. Or the Norway '94 version. Any way you slice it best guitar solo ever. There are a lot of other good solos. But few are masterpieces like this. This should be number one simply because of the guitar tone. Getting that sound is perhaps one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. If anyone else out their plays guitar they probably understand. You can play the notes. But sounding like Gilmour? Forget it.

Yes I agree this should be number 1 although this song has two solos the first one is good but the 2nd one is emotional and just great overall and 100 times better than Stairway to Heaven's solo which to be honest isn't anything special. - christangrant

Amazing guitar solo. David Gilmour pours so much emotion and perfect notes, harmonics and other techniques to make this perfect solo. Best one ever, and proves you don't need to play 100 notes a second to have a brilliant guitar solo.

I never understood people thinking that Stairway to Heaven has a better solo than Comfortably Numb. The solo is cut off on the album because it was too long to fit on one side. But if you listen to the full version live it's almost 5 minutes long.

I actually prefer the first solo to the second, although I appreciate that the finale is rated higher. Nevertheless, arguably the 2 best guitar solos in one track is a remarkable part the legacy of one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Best solo ever. I'm glad it's so high up on the list. David Gilmour and Jimmy Page are my all-time favorite guitarists, but Comfortably Numb is my all time favorite solo.

It makes you feel so high. Like when you are in a room with strobe lights. It makes me feel as though I could fly! I had a hard time with choosing this over stairway to heaven, but I did anyway.

I've never been more emotionally moved by a piece of artistry and it comes in third? I'm sure others feel the same way and are just as agitated. Both of these solos above it would pay to lick David Gilmour's feet.