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181 Jessica - Dickey Betts
182 Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold
183 Layla - Clapton/Allman
184 Kasou - Ken Kitamura
185 Soothsayer - Buckethead

Didn't see this and added it again. Oops. Anyways, this song and frozen brains tell no tales are my favorite bh songs. - Funybox

Awesome song. Probably the best song by Buckethead. He speaks through use of his instrument, and he conveys emotion in´╗┐ this manner exceptionally well.

186 Live Forever - Noel Gallagher

This guitar solo really soars, not many other solos give you the sensation of flight like this one does.

187 The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater

Really?... only 167... this should be in top 20 at the very least. john petrucci has unquestionable skill in terms of every level of skill on the guitar and this whole song shows that

188 The Final Countdown - John Norum

This song is basically considered a "One Hit Wonder" to many people, so when songs are past there generation people tend to forget a song like The Final Countdown. Even though it is "forgotten by many", it has one of the greatest and coolest guitar solo's I have ever heard!

189 Cemetery Gates - Dimebag Darrell

Come on get this higher

In this solo dime shows that he can really make a emotional solo and then move into a great headbanging solo


190 The End - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison

Three legends exchanging guitar solos in this awesome final Beatles song. I love the musical chemistry in this band.

Should be in top 4 this is ridiculous no wonder rock and roll died people have awful tastes in music

This should be number one!

191 Anastasia - Slash
192 Pennyroyal Tea - Kurt Cobain
193 The Four Horsemen - Dave Mustaine

How is this not on the list this is easily the greatest solo from metallica

194 Shine On You Crazy Diamond - David Gilmour
195 Misirlou - Dick Dale
196 The Sleep - Dimebag Darrell

Undoubtly the best phrasing I've ever heard in metal. Dime sounds like David Gilmour here - pure ecstasy. Criminally underrated song. - SilverBane

197 Goodbye Stranger - Roger Hodgson
198 Seven - Muhammed Suicmez
199 Unforgiven III - Kirk Hammett
200 Whole Lotta Love - Jimmy Page

Man I just lost faith in the music industry

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