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181 Cemetery Gates - Dimebag Darrell

In this solo dime shows that he can really make a emotional solo and then move into a great headbanging solo

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182 Purple Rain - Prince Purple Rain - Prince

Greatest guitarist of all time

Incredible solo! Gut wrenching

183 Wanderlust - Dave Mustaine
184 Hitch a Ride - Tom Scholz

Most underrated solo ever.

185 Stargazer - Ritchie Blackmore V 1 Comment
186 Hey You - David Gilmour V 2 Comments
187 Ball and Biscuit - Jack White
188 Distant Early Warning - Alex Lifeson
189 Up To My Neck In You - Angus Young V 2 Comments
190 Shake A Leg - Angus Young

Without a doubt, some of the best I've heard Angus play. Great AC/DC song, and even better solo, I mean, the speed during the solo!

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191 So Far Away - Synyster Gates V 1 Comment
192 If You Want Blood (You've Got It) - Angus Young

Please move this one up please, the most overlooked solo by angus, should be in the top 100 - ACDC-

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193 Rocker - Angus Young

Quality Angus at his best also should be let there be rock included

194 R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) - Angus Young

Another extremely underrated AC/DC SONG. This song was released on the original dirty deeds album, never made the American cut but it has a pretty decent solo - ACDC-

195 Top Jimmy - Eddie Van Halen
196 Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel
197 Civil War - Slash V 1 Comment
198 Midnight at the Oasis - Amos Garrett
199 Good Morning Satellite - You Adachi

very underrated japanese guitarist and song - ronluna

200 Gekkou - Ichirou CIPHER Takigawa
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