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221 Rocker - Angus Young

Quality Angus at his best also should be let there be rock included

222 R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) - Angus Young

Another extremely underrated AC/DC SONG. This song was released on the original dirty deeds album, never made the American cut but it has a pretty decent solo - ACDC-

223 Top Jimmy - Eddie Van Halen
224 Snail - Billy Corgan
225 Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel
226 Love Chaser - John Norum
227 Civil War - Slash V 1 Comment
228 Midnight at the Oasis - Amos Garrett
229 Good Morning Satellite - You Adachi

very underrated japanese guitarist and song - ronluna

230 Gekkou - Ichirou CIPHER Takigawa
231 In Pieces - Brad Delson
232 New Born - Matt Bellamy
233 Don't Cry - Slash

Just how good is this guy? Don't cry has a simple, but amazing and memorable solo.

V 1 Comment
234 Wake Up Dead - Dave Mustaine / Chris Poland

Awesome solo with great riff in the background.
Very moody and technical.
One of best Megadeth's solos.

235 Madness - Matt Bellamy
236 Gimme Shelter - Keith Richards

One of the greatest stones song ever should be top 20

237 The Star-Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix

Yeah it is jimi's version is all guitar

Maybe low rated because it's not a solo?

238 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Very emo and but it makes you want to dance

239 War - Brad Delson

This was an ultimate solo better than the solo in hardwired. Brad has proved he is not a simple guitarist

One solid hell of a solo! Supereb use of the wah effect! Finally Brad got a chance to prove himself!

240 Sabotage - Ad-Rock
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