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261 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young (Live at Rio, 2001)
262 Adios - Richard Kruspe
263 Cowgirl In the Sand - Neil Young
264 Green Grass & High Tides - The Outlaws (Hobie O'Brien, Frank Guidry)

Fantastic and very long solo!

265 The Outlaw Torn - Kirk Hammett
266 Valerie - Louie Shelton

Nice Mexican style solo that makes you want get out of your seat.

267 Baby Please Dont Go - Ted Nugent
268 Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett/Daryl Stuermer

What a mean, snarling guitar solo! Pure tonal brilliance. It's even better on his solo album "Watcher of the Skies". Truly an under-rated genius.

Ah, I just added this song to the list... Obviously because 85th place is WAY to low for such a genius piece of music.

Better than stairway to heaven, master of puppets, one, sweet child O' mine. I request all the voters here, please give it a listen. This solo creates an environment which can't be literally explained. If you want to hear how a guitar cries, listen to it.

Genesis genius composers have been always underrated, but man, listen to this solo (the original by Steve, Daryl's version is too popy, it should be in the Top 10.

269 1969 - Ron Asheton
270 Talk Dirty To Me - C.C. Deville
271 Livin On A Prayer - Richie Sambora

Awesome song with and awesome solo! - MaNnY555

Right time right length right song

What does this solo here? A solo of 10 seconds and for little boys... Listen some great solos after vote for some solos like this...

Epic solo

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272 Don't Look Back - Tom Sholtz
273 That Lady - Ron Isley

297? Seriously. Most of you out there haven't even heard this, and those who do, don't remember. I forgot about it and then happened upon it recently. I'm thinking, how could I have forgotten this?!

Punch it up and you'll see what I mean.

274 Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

One of the first and great guitar solos, back when there just weren't the great solos!

275 Seize the Day - Synyster Gates

I think this is the best solo of all time. It's not overly showy, or crazy-fast and complex. What it is, is a beautiful combination of superb note-choice, melodic ingenuity, and un-parred tone.

This shows how overrated eruption is just for being fast. afterlife is really fast but it still shows emotion.

276 Through The Fire And The Flames - Herman Li

Herman Li is a sensational guitarist, Dragonforce wouldn't be the same without him but Sam Totman also plays an important role in the mind blowing solo because half way through the song on through the fire and flames they actually swap over and Sam takes the solo.

This is WAY underrated

277 Art of Life - Hide

I must ask how the HELL is Hide this low down, much better than LIvin on a prayer, so it should be at least 2, if not 1, where have you people gone, make sure to vote for him, best soloist ever

This song is amazing! Hide puts all his heart into playing some of the best music ever written. I don't know how in the world this isn't higher on the list, I guess most Americans just haven't listened to much good metal.

278 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Kurt Cobain

Cobain is an amazing vocalist but his guitar is fantastic but compared to the others on this list nothing special

Kurt Cobain shouldn't be om this list, his guitar skills where not that great. He could play simple riffs.

This song is iconic to rock music, so don't deny it has a great solo.


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279 Back In Black - Angus Young

Now Angus is a man who likes to plug in a guitar to an amp play with no distortion and crank the volume up full and just rock. And Back in Black is an awesome example of blues playing and Angus just plays This solo with such speed and feeling its amazing it just had to be up here

I don't get it this is easily better than any thing I've seen on this list I mean come on why does everyone on this site kiss stairway to heavens ass!

Must be in top 10, awesome solo

I will put let thete be rock first! Still this is great!

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280 Kissing The Shadows - Alexi Laiho
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