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261 Problem Child - Angus Young

Come on this needs to be higher, 2 awesome solos, the end solo is so awesome, please move it up

262 Two's Up - Angus Young
263 Crabsody In Blue - Angus Young

A very rare AC/DC song, released on the original version of let there be Rock, but it has a great solo - ACDC-

264 Can't Stop Rock N' Roll - Angus Young V 1 Comment
265 Shoot To Thrill - Angus Young
266 Send For The Man - Angus Young
267 On Every Street - Mark Knopfler
268 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young (Live at Rio, 2001)
269 Adios - Richard Kruspe
270 Cowgirl In the Sand - Neil Young
271 Green Grass & High Tides - The Outlaws (Hobie O'Brien, Frank Guidry)

Fantastic and very long solo!

272 The Outlaw Torn - Kirk Hammett
273 Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd


274 Valerie - Louie Shelton

Nice Mexican style solo that makes you want get out of your seat.

275 Baby Please Dont Go - Ted Nugent
276 Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett/Daryl Stuermer

What a mean, snarling guitar solo! Pure tonal brilliance. It's even better on his solo album "Watcher of the Skies". Truly an under-rated genius.

Ah, I just added this song to the list... Obviously because 85th place is WAY to low for such a genius piece of music.

Better than stairway to heaven, master of puppets, one, sweet child O' mine. I request all the voters here, please give it a listen. This solo creates an environment which can't be literally explained. If you want to hear how a guitar cries, listen to it.

Genesis genius composers have been always underrated, but man, listen to this solo (the original by Steve, Daryl's version is too popy, it should be in the Top 10.

277 1969 - Ron Asheton
278 Talk Dirty To Me - C.C. Deville
279 Livin On A Prayer - Richie Sambora

Awesome song with and awesome solo! - MaNnY555

Right time right length right song

What does this solo here? A solo of 10 seconds and for little boys... Listen some great solos after vote for some solos like this...

Epic solo

V 1 Comment
280 Don't Look Back - Tom Sholtz
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