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281 Surrender - Andra Ramadhan

Always make me chillin & cryin

282 Promise - Slash
283 Crucify the Dead - Slash
284 Canon Rock - JerryC

Best Guitar solo with good melody!

285 Gods of War - Steve Clark

This song has amazing riffs. Steve Clark was a really creative guitarist.

286 Frozen Brains Tell No Tales - Buckethead
287 Fiery Gun Hand - Jon Poole
288 Brighton Rock - Brian May V 1 Comment
289 On An Island - David Gilmour
290 Let There Be Rock - Angus Young

Different every time. He went on for 14 minutes in 2009 @ River Plate, Argentina. I haven't the slightest clue why this is not in the top 10! - KKKKieran

3 classic awesome angus young solos that he delivers best. Solo 1 starts with fast note picking and tapping. Solo 2 is played at the top of the neck and involves single notes and solo 3 starts with a 7 massive bends on The G string before going into pure Young magic.

This should be in the top 10 please move it up - ACDC-


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291 Old Love - Eric Clapton

This is maybe a less known version, but that I would put this solo in the best five all time. It is simply mind blowing.

292 The Ghost of Tom Joad - Tom Morello & Bruce Springsteen
293 Unholy Warcry - Luca Turilli
294 Destiny - Syu
295 Angel of Salvation - Syu
296 Good Times Bad Times - Jimmy Page

Love his solo on this song. Why is it all the way down here?

Jimmy's a guitar god

297 The Night Watch - Robert Fripp
298 Over the Wall - Alex Skolnick
299 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Dave Mustaine / Marty Friedman

EPIC. the best. way better than 'Tallica or any other "supposedly metal song"

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300 Blood Brothers - Dave Murray

One of my most favorite guitar solos has to be on this list.
This song is awesome right from the second it starts

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