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341 Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci

Greatest guitar solo ever

342 Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet for My Valentine
343 Welcome Home - Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever

Coheed and Cambria's greatest hit, and for a good reason.

344 Roy's Toy (Cars) - Jeff Beck
345 Darkness Within - Machine Head
346 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) - Jimi Hendrix
347 Play With Me - Nuno Bettencourt

How did this solo not make the list?

348 Basket Case - Billie Joe Armstrong
349 Tears Don't Fall - Michael Padge

One of the best and good solos..solo sounds too good and pretty difficult

350 Exuberant - Aekkus
351 Am I Evil - Brian Tatler

Awesome guitar solo by Diamond head. Got to be one of the best. Metallica did a decent version too!

352 The Prophet's Song - Brian May
353 Stockholm Syndrome - Matt Bellamy
354 Master Exploder - Jack Black
355 Save Me - Synyster Gates
356 My Back Pages - Roger McGuinn

Most of the rest listed here are hard and fast, which is great.
However, McGuinn's "ringing Rickenbacker" offered one of the most distinctive sounds in rock history.
His solo on this number is sweet, plaintive, and achingly beautiful.
Anybody from back then who hears it now is literally riveted in place while they listen, and the young lions need to understand it is not always about who plays the loudest.

A little too much emphasis here on speed and loudness; why not some beauty?
McGuinn's "Ringing Rickenbaker" is the sweetest and most distinctive guitar sound in rock history.
Plaintive and nostalgic, this solo brings forth the memory of summers long past.

357 The Analog Kid - Alex Lifeson

The way this solo is executed��" especially on the band's 2012 Clockwork Angels Tour��" is unmistakably brilliant. It's fast-paced, psychedelic, incorporates a variety of note progressions and tones, and is simply gut-wrenchingly otherworldly.

358 Double Talkin' Jive - Slash
359 Undone (The Sweater Song) - Rivers Cuomo
360 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - C.C. DeVille

Such a beautiful solo. The highlight of a great song. Both solos are good, but it's the second one that's just pure awesomeness - Shake_n_Bake13

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