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21 Beyond the Realms of Death - Glenn Tipton

I've been listening to Heavy Metal Since I Was Teenager But never tried to listen to Judas Priest ever not sure why...

A talentless guitar solos like Sweet child of mine November rain Afterlife Takes first spots and beyond the realm of death doesn't get 10?

Those solos you've mentioned are very good, but none of them is as good as this one. - ShahryRKnoT

This solo speaks to me... of course it's one of the best ever. So sad people often vote for crap. This solo deserves to be in the top 10 and I put it on my personal list - this will move the solo up (higher than #42) but not enough to get it to the top 10. - Metal_Treasure

Undoubtedly the best guitar solo which has ever been composed. I guess it is the only piece of music that makes me feel something so profound every single time I listen to it.

And I am never going to be tired of it.

Sorry A7X fans, but Gates will never write a solo 1/500 as good as Beyond the Realms of Death.

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22 Machine Gun (Live) - Jimi Hendrix

No one else has ever had such amazing control of feedback and harmonics. Controlled chaos and raw emotion! All done with a minimum of fuss, live on stage. Also the gnarliest sound ever recorded from 8:56 - 8:58. Chills every time! #1

Emotion, intensity, original. there are other great guitar solos by Hendrix, but Machine gun for me stands out. Of course Voodoo and star spangled come a close second.

Couldn't agree with you more. #1 as far as I'm concerned. Great solos are about feel not technicals. Still gives me chills listening to ir.

23 Hollow Years - John Petrucci

Never heard a solo with that much emotion. - Clyx

The Studio-Version is good, but the Solo on Live At Budokan is the greatest solo ever played in history.

Anybody who doesn't vote this up seriously needs to listen to it - the Live at Budokan version.

Its AMAZING. It's the only solo I've ever heard that successfully combines kickass virtuoso shredding with Gilmour-level emotion.

I hope this is referring to the love at Budokan edition.

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24 White Room - Eric Clapton

This is fine but not 21. I would submit that "Let It Rain" on "Derek and the Dominos In Concert" ranks this high. And "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" has got to be higher than White Room.

Listen, I love the song, I loved Cream. My third album was History of Eric Clapton. Just being honest though.

That wah wah sounds so awesome. Also the rhythm guitar in this song could be my favorite of any song behind When the Levee Breaks

It's Clapton. Totally awesome.

Upper it should be, upper in this claptonless list of solos.

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25 Maggot Brain - Eddie Hazel

May be missing the fast notes here, some tri note patterns, but that just means that Eddie doesn't need em. Pure funk and soul went into this piece. All it needs is just one introduction and Eddie tears the rest up. Eddie even harmonizes with himself, through effect pedals he is able to delay his guitar and soon gets an amazing sound that is just unattainable in songs where the music is going by so fast there is no time to appreciate how well the solo is being articulated. Truly the masterpiece that deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

How in the world is this not number one? I've listened to all the solos above it and Maggot Brain may not be the fastest, but it is raw emotion. This is a ten minute song with nobody singing, but it doesn't need any because Eddie Hazel makes the guitar sing. I love Stairway and all, but to say its guitar solo is better would be a lie.

I'm ashamed to be living in a world where 65 top solo posts and not one is maggot brain. This solo should be #1 with 99.9 of the votes. Livin on a prayer #1? Come on that's jokes - jewunit69

Eddie Hazel is viewed as an R&B / Funk guitarist which explains why this masterpiece isn't ranked higher. Eddie Hazel, Ernie Isley, Prince. Each of these dudes have produced solos vastly superior to the majority of the rock tunes in this top 50 list. Don't even get me started on blues greats like Stevie Ray and B.B. King

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26 Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan

I had to vote for this one because it's too low on the list
This solo deserves a higher place here, it's one of the best blues solos I've ever heard

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27 Heartbreaker - Jimmy Page

He plays it so fast that you can barely hear it!!!

This should be WAY higher up. This is one of the best solos of all time. He improvised it as well.

Eruption stole from this solo look it up

An example of very early shredding. - zxm

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28 Breaking All Illusions - John Petrucci
29 Layla - Duane Allman

Love Duane Allman but you should give Clapton a lot of credit and solo should be at least top 10.

Are you kidding - Layla not in the top 20? And Eric Clapton had a part in the solo too...

All duane.. Simply the best.

Why is Clapton's magnum opus not in the top ten?

30 Moment of Surrender - The Edge
31 The Spirit Carries On - John Petrucci

Where's the Dance of Eternity? That whole song is basically a guitar/bass/drum solo song.

32 Sultans of Swing - Mark Knopfler

Wow, this is an incredible solo added to the song for the final version by Mr. Knopfler. There's no way it's not on the list. It should be top 5 easily. - jewunit69

Isn't something I'd typically vote for... But I'm confused. I don't get how this song is in the top twenty at least already

For those of you who said Mark Knopfler had no chops, speed, or flash, please listen do yourself a favor and give this a listen. And the best part is, HE DOES IT ALL IN CLEAN TONE.

Maybe not top ten, but way too low on this list.

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33 Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Greatest ever come on people have no brain these days

34 Time - David Gilmour

I don't know how this isn't in the top 5 every note leaves an emotional mark and adds to the epic sound of time. One of my favorite solos, but, stairway to heaven jimmy page is in it's right spot at number 1

Realistically, Comfortably Numb should be Number 1 or 2, Time should be 8, 9 or 10, and High Hopes should be around 13, 14. David Gilmour is, in my opinion, the greatest guitarist ever, and doesn't fill his solos with 100bpm arpeggios and sweep picking. He packs perfect notes and guitar techniques (vibrato and definitely his bends) along with his awesome, punchy tone, to create the best guitar solos ever.

Most Floyd fans will be voting - rightfully - for comfortably numb - however this is also right up there - an incredible solo that perfectly complements an undisputed masterpiece of music.


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35 Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

A masterpiece - speed, accuracy, melody! One of the best ever. Deserves to be way higher - this solo is mindblowing! - Metal_Treasure

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36 Room 335 - Larry Carlton

God bless Larry Carlton! Awesome tonal mastery. Didn't like his "Fire Wire" album, though.

37 Dogs - Pink Floyd

This song has not only one, but 5 INCREDIBLE guitar solos. Should be at least in the top 10.

Certainly belongs in the top 10. What's going on here?

Dogs at 261?!?! This list is a joke!

I'm gay

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38 Jordan - Buckethead

I thought no solo could top eruption... and this one did!

Living on prayer shouldn't even be on this list! Great song, good, but mediocre solo compared to the other ones listed here. And its top... - AymanKabir

many haven't voted for this simply because they never heard it. I always thought nothing could top Eruption... this did! - AymanKabir

If you go on Wikipedia and look for all the different styles that Buckethead plays, you will be shocked.

It's almost like a modern age Eruption

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39 Floods - Dimebag Darrell

Not one Pantera song on this list? I'm changing that. Floods is not only the most underrated song by Pantera, but the solo by Dimebag is one of the most beautiful masterpieces I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. It boasts melody, and technique, and that backing bass track by Rex Brown only adds so much to that solo. The outro to this song, also done by Dimebag, is just as beautiful.

Should be number 1 at how great it is you have to listen to it and it will prove how great of a Guitarist Dimebag Darrell really was - christangrant

Man, this solo have a soul singing on it

Man.. This solo was the one to inspire me to pick up the Electric Guitar... Very Underrated in this list.. Should be in the top 5 in this list and It's Top 3 in my list.. #RIPDime

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40 Child In Time - Deep Purple

It should've been in the first place

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