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441 Sink The Pink - Angus Young
442 Halo - Phil Demmel
443 Battery - Metallica

Kirk gets into this kind of zone that he can't get out of. James and Cliff have their chemistry when it comes to writing... and then there is Kirk and Lars. Lars's drumming can affect a Hammett solo in a big way. Like this song. Battery's solo is filled with fast shredding and in the back the drumming goes incredible with it. It's fast and gets into a sort of groove when Kirk transitions towards the end - Redhood654

444 Jump - Eddie Van Halen
445 Dreams - Eddie Van Halen
446 Spanish Fly - Eddie Van Halen
447 Cathedral - Eddie Van Halen
448 Mean Street - Eddie Van Halen
449 Ready or Not - Kee Marcello
450 Superstitious - Kee Marcello
451 Wake up - Mike McCready

I hope that I got that name correct. - Feirceraven

452 Eyes of a Stranger - Chris DeGarmo
453 Maria Magdalena - Markus Lohr
454 Any Way You Want It - Neal Schon
455 Long Goodbyes - Camel

I have always ignored this band and their songs. But this song has a great solo. - zxm

456 Bow River - Cold Chisel
457 In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion - Agalloch
458 Aerodynamic - Daft Punk
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