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61 Alison Hell - Jeff Waters
62 While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Eric Clapton

By the time the Beatles recorded this song there relationships had deteriorated. The solo for this song by Eric clapton remains as one of the best solos ever written and for good reason really suits this song best Beatles solo ever.

63 Black Magic Woman - Carlos Santana V 1 Comment
64 Loan Me a Dime - Duane Allman

Another great one in his long line of masterpieces! - mdp1970

Absolutely one of the very best songs, ever!

65 Surfing With the Alien - Joe Satriani
66 Transylvania - Dave Murray
67 Highway to Hell - Angus Young

This is one of the greatest ever! What its doing down here I don't know?!? - KKKKieran

Best solo more people vote right now

V 3 Comments
68 Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
69 Squealer - Angus Young

Awesome solo, such a shame almost nobody knows about this one. One of the best guitar solos of all time

This one should be #1 please Move it up



V 8 Comments
70 Wanted Dead or Alive - Richie Sambora

I Love This Solo Ever Since I Heard It I Could not Quit Listening To It I Think It Should Be In Top 10

71 Through The Fire And The Flames - Herman Li

Herman Li is a sensational guitarist, Dragonforce wouldn't be the same without him but Sam Totman also plays an important role in the mind blowing solo because half way through the song on through the fire and flames they actually swap over and Sam takes the solo.

V 1 Comment
72 Beat It - Eddie Van Halen

Simply an awesome amazing guitar solo by the man himself Eddie van Halen. When Eddie comes in with that solo you just know that it's gonna be a kickass solo and when it ends you want more.

Michael Jackson was a genius to bring eddie because that dude can shred.

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73 Blackbird - Mark Tremonti

Only Mark is listed but Myles does the first half of the solo. Myles puts so much emotion into his solos and that is never more evident than in this one. Then as Myles' gentle pain-filled emotional solo ends, Mark turns that pain into anger with an aggressive fast shredding solo that we all mimic with our voices and air guitars when we listen and make the trademark faces that Mark makes during solos

Personally my favorite. Definitely deserves to be in the top 10. While competing with Slash's best stuff is tough, Mark and Myles bring it. AB toured with Slash and I know Mark has his full respect. Mark's one of the best and I love the way AB has brought back the solo.

Alter Bridge is such a underrated band. Myles and Mark are one of the best musicians in the world right now but no one seems to know them. Such a shame. I think Blackbird is the Stairway to Heaven of our generation, and the solo deserves a top 3 spot in this list.

Definitely one of the best solos I've ever heard.
people need to give newer guitarists a chance too this guy is amazing.

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74 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - David Gilmour

I think it's one of the most recognizable guitar solo's ever. It's easily up there with Hotel California and Stairway.

75 Barracuda - Roger Fisher

Roger fisher is the most underrated guitar ever.

A master of doing it right.

76 Something - George Harrison Something - George Harrison

Harrison wasn't the greatest guitarist but over the 10 years they recorded he proved he could play just about any style of music that was thrown at him. The solo in Something was beautiful and soulful... But does anyone remember his solo from And Your Bird Can Sing?

Just such a perfect guitar solo. George was a true musician, it's hard to find such a musical guitarist. This song shows his genius, and trust me, I'm a musician

77 Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett/Daryl Stuermer

What a mean, snarling guitar solo! Pure tonal brilliance. It's even better on his solo album "Watcher of the Skies". Truly an under-rated genius.

Ah, I just added this song to the list... Obviously because 85th place is WAY to low for such a genius piece of music.

Better than stairway to heaven, master of puppets, one, sweet child O' mine. I request all the voters here, please give it a listen. This solo creates an environment which can't be literally explained. If you want to hear how a guitar cries, listen to it.

78 The Ocean - Jimmy Page
79 Watermelon In Easter Hay - Frank Zappa Watermelon In Easter Hay - Frank Zappa
80 Black Widow of La Porte - John 5 Black Widow of La Porte - John 5
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