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81 Wanted Dead or Alive - Richie Sambora

I Love This Solo Ever Since I Heard It I Could not Quit Listening To It I Think It Should Be In Top 10

82 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - David Gilmour

I think it's one of the most recognizable guitar solo's ever. It's easily up there with Hotel California and Stairway.

83 Something - George Harrison

Harrison wasn't the greatest guitarist but over the 10 years they recorded he proved he could play just about any style of music that was thrown at him. The solo in Something was beautiful and soulful... But does anyone remember his solo from And Your Bird Can Sing?

Just such a perfect guitar solo. George was a true musician, it's hard to find such a musical guitarist. This song shows his genius, and trust me, I'm a musician

84 Barracuda - Roger Fisher

Roger fisher is the most underrated guitar ever.

A master of doing it right.

85 The Ocean - Jimmy Page
86 Dyers Eve - Kirk Hammett

This is the best Kirk solo ever. He plays with such speed and grace at the same time.

87 Sloe Gin - Joe Bonamassa

Such an emotional song and guitar solo. Deserves to be higher. - BrianScott01

88 Parisienne Walkways - Gary Moore

There aren't solos with more feel than this

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89 Black Widow of La Porte - John 5
90 We Will Rock You - Brian May

Everybody knows the famous Boom Boom Clap Of we will rock you By queen. For the last 30 seconds of the songs Brian may Comes in with an epic Guitar solo that just makes this song rock and ask anyone and they will totally agree.

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91 Crossroads - Eric Clapton

The mighty Eric Clapton never ceases to amaze with his sheer power and precision, but a formidable contender for his absolute best guitar work, especially his best solo, is the semi-cover of a Robert Johnson song that he did with Cream, Crossroads. The solo is great technically, but the best part is definitely how it feels like a direct extrension of the natural rhythm of the song as well as the devil myths described by the song's lyrics.

Best Solo, Best Guitarist, Best Song.

This is easily the best live solo ever performed. And arguably the best solo ever played. Clapton's improvisation skills are off the charts. - guyritchi

Problem is that not many people have heard his version with cream

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92 Paranoid Android - Jonny Greenwood

90? The two solo's in this song are crazy. Deserves to be way higher

He's such a underrated Guitarist.

Absolutely epic, filled to the brim with chaos.

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93 The Best of Times - John Petrucci

It is the best solo ever written

This should be at number 1 without doubt

One of the best guitar solo should be higher

This song is one of the epicest and saddest things I've ever heard, and the solo always gives me feels. And damn it is so underrated. - Vinitsky

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94 Let It Be - George Harrison

While the single version and a few other updates to the classic Beatles song Let It Be experimented with different guitar solos that were good but not great, the original album version's solo is one of the most emotive instances of guitar playing in history. The lead up is incredible, sure, but without a doubt the most amazing thing about this solo is the way that George Harrison's stinging, wailing, beautiful guitar playing seems to perfectly complement Paul McCartney's vocals with the two almost seeming to fuse into one entity of sound. Few solos, or parts of a song in general, have ever made me feel as strongly emotional as I do when I hear the solo in Let It Be.

What a cool guitar solo by George Harrison Who uses blues slides and single note picking to create an awesome sounding solo which really fits in with the song And a cool ending for one if the worlds greatest Bands

It is the perfect solo there are hardly any other songs like this that are able to use the guitar like George did in this song the guitar is so effective and sound so good a lot of other song just have a simple riff that leads into a solo but this song has an efecctive emotional solo that hits you with awesomeness

My personal favorite solo is from the music video, but I love all versions.

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95 Rock and Roll Machine - Rik Emmett

Rik is way underrated. This should be top 5!

96 Hold the Line - Steve Lukather

Are you kidding me this guitar solo is epic and should at least be in the top 10. I'm gonna say he is the most underrated guitarist not Kurt Cobain as mentioned in a prior comment.

Very underrated solo

97 Sympathy For The Devil - Keith Richards

Rock warrior Keith Richards may be best known for his rhythm guitar work with the legendary Rolling Stones, but his sharp, icy solo in Sympathy For The Devil is unbelievable. Mick Jagger leads into it with a solid vocal prompt, and then Keith lets all soul break loose in a truly amazing explosion. Like many of the other solos on this list, SFTD's solo seems to perfectly depict the concepts of humanity overlooking its own sins that this mighty rock song describes.

It sounds like nothing else in the world!

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98 Ride the Lightning - Kirk Hammet

Great one by Kirk


99 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
100 For the Love of God - Steve Vai

Another underrated solo that's way better than eruption. come on people a solo is not about speed

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