Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page


The one thing that sets the good guitarists apart from the great guitarists is emotion- and the Stairway to heaven solo is dripping with that emotion. It isn't a hard solo to play speaking from a technical standpoint, most guitarists with aboutique a year of experience could play through the whole song with ease, but as far as playing emotional guitar, no one can play this solo as well as Jimmy Page. Men can be brought to tears by the incredible beauty and precision of this solo, and no metal guitarist- or most guitarists for that matter- can pull it off as expertly. Some of the greats like Eric Clapton or Hendrix could've done it with practise, but Jimmy Page and only Jimmy Page could improvise it like he did. So many factors combine to make this solo the best ever, and they all truly come out in this solo.

I am not a guitar player by any standard and never really liked Led Zeppelin (for some strange reason I always preferred Deep Purple and the Beatles). But haven't heard a better piece of music.

I agree 100% that Stairway to Heaven is the best Guitar, best Drums, Best Rock Song, Best Climax and probably Best Song ever made full stop.

I wish though that the lyrics made more or any sense.

Except Hotel California I disagree with everything else that is in the list.

Including Jimmy Hendrix this complete list should be selected in the top 100 Olympic Athletes of all times.

Amazing solo. So full of soul. Oh, and why on earth is the Master of Puppets solo over One's solo and Fade to Black's solo especially. It's good, but not as good as those two. Also, Eruption is a bit overrated. As a guitarist myself, I love it, but it's just technical moves. This is a real guitar solo, Eruption is just Eddie's outtakes. Also, Eruption's not that hard, it's just a bunch of tapping and tremolo for most of the way. Stairway to Heaven is more hard because it's slower and it's hard to control yourself from rushing.

Roy Buchanan belongs on the list, for at very very least for the 8:21 version of Hey Joe. He also did a Down By the River that you won't forget. And his Judy and Turn To Stone will affect you too.

Listen to every cut you can of him playing Hey Joe. Those are the records that Jimi Hendrix is playing up in heaven.

Jimmy page is really the best guitarist ever born. It really seems impossible, how swiftly on his guitar, like no one else not even Jimi Hendrix.

Comfortably Numb is the most entrancing and Eruption is the most impressive, but this... this one is written perfectly. The notes are placed perfectly. I want to listen to this when I'm and old man, with memories in one hand, and dreams in another... - Donut

"Let It Rain" - Derek and and Dominos - listen for yourself and ask why it's not in this top 300. Ummm...

"Utopia Theme" by Todd Rundgren. Since Todd shunned commercial success, you haven't heard this. Find it on YouTube. You will thank me for that, I absolutely promise you. (Rundgren is an amazing guitarist with numerous fantastic solos, if you check him out, particularly from the 70s)

And if my credibility holds up from those choices, here's an obscure one you haven't heard, and might knock you over: Teen Archer, by Blue Oyster Cult. Probably the greatest combination solo (guitar solo, B-3 organ, piano organ, drums) that I can recall south of the Allman Brothers.

Speaking of which - I have to make another comment on Elizabeth Reed, for the love of God!

No doubt here! This guitar playing is genius! I feel like I'm going to actually cry when it starts playing those two notes that go from high to low over and over again until the singing starts yet again. It's such an amazing song! - MontyPython

Just listen, there's no denying how great this song is. Jimmy Page is an excellent guitarist, in this song he masters a ballad, with great suspense throughout the song that leads to a great solo. This song takes me to heaven!

You might not agree with this being number 2 but number 1 is totally awesome. This solo is outstanding and is one of the best solos in the wold and jimmy page one of the best guitarists in the world Zeppelin will always rule

THIS IS THE BEST SOLO EVER. Jimmy page is a song changer and a legend maker. He is my inspiration. If I learn how to play this I will have succeeded in life.

Fun fact about this solo, Jimmy actually improvised on the spot in the studio three times, then selected his favorite (mentioned in an interview). Page is simply the best.

Not a guitarist in history can even come close to Jimmy's solo in stairway...just pure music no jumping around just a punch of heavenly riffs composed, improvised and crafted by the very best...

It is an amazing guitar solo that I have always wanted to play. I am only 10 years old but I have accomplished this masterpiece. I believe I am well on my way to becoming the next great guitar god. when 8i am playing guitar in front of adoring fans I will play this piece to remember the first great rock solo of my billion dollar career

This solo is legendary and I get goosebumps every time I listen to it. Comfortably Numb is awesome but I do not get he same feeling

I WORSHIP Duane and Dickey and there are several of their cuts deservedly here - BUT NOT IN MEMORY OF ELIZABETH REED. What kind of retarded omission is that? Not on the entire list? Not on the top 10?

This song is so beautiful and I love listening to it. I will literally stop what I am doing when the solo starts. Amazing

Stairway is fine. But on this list of 300, there is no Hocus Pocus by Focus. Someone slipped up with that.

Led Zepplen Best band ever jimmy page one of the best guitar players and Led Zeplin best band ever thats why - Go9ers

single handedly the most sickest and amazing guitar solo ever! its a total mind blow at how amazing it it! - gibsonsg

He was just finding the right tune and notes while he was in studio just before the solo was recorded right before couple hours...and It turns out to be the greatest and everlasting solo that any guitarist "was, is and would ever composed, compose"

This solo is awesome! When you first listen to it you can feel the power

I'm not a real rock fan I'm a jazz classical artist but this song and the solo is as good or even better then any peice of music I've ever heard and I've been listening to music for over 50 years its incredible from start to finish a true master work

The most beautiful guitar solo without a doubt if were talking about skill its eruption

Smashes every solo in the world jimmy page is the best by far and that's why he is in number 1